Shade Hunter

Calin is a Shade Hunter, with his Partner Rose they are sent to another world to hunt a Shade that had escaped their Universe Find the Evil Shade and end him, that's the plan easy but when do things ever go as planned in stories... just another say at the office for them.

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Another day at the Office

(Calin POV)
I was lying down lazily on the couch all day as Rose was reading something on her COMPAD.
it was a pretty lazy week, No Attacks on the city, No Universal Travel, No annoying shades or Monsters attacking the city...wait not all Shades are annoying just the evil ones.
You're probably wondering "What is a Shade?" well simple, It's what I am.
We are also known as Demons of sorts, Shades are very similar to humans in appearance but we have the souls of Demonic Monsters which give us magical abilites.
How a Shade became a Shade Hunter? well it's a long story we don't have time for.
The Sort version, I had a hand in the Earths Destruction, which lead to the death of Billions of Humans and caused the survivors to flee to Ceri, which is like another Earth only different.

Rose is a Gaurdian, a race like humans only she has Angelic or "Light" abilities, which has an advantage when fighting shades and monsters, Lucky I'm on her side. Me and My sister Erika had brought her in and raised her in secrecy from the members of the Legion Order, a group of Shades who use Violent methods to get equality and freedom.

This should go without saying but, Most Humans hate shades, because we share blood with the monsters, and the monsters see Shades as Prey because we look human
The Gaurdians were Created Long ago to fight shades, which lead to the Creation of a Different Larger Organisation of the DHA (Dark Hunter Association) which is where me and Rose Currently work.


I suddenly heard my COMPAD vibrate on the table,
I look to Rose as said "I'm not answering that"
She rolled her before getting a Message on her's
"Mr.Ace Wants us to head out on a Mission" she said calmly
"I knew this week was to good to be true" I complained under my breath.
"We better meet with him" she said as she put on her light blue jacket.
"Alright lets see what the devil wants us to do this time?" I yawned as I followed her out of the apartment
"He's not that bad" she said checking if the door was locked.

"He sends teenagers to do his most dangerous assignments, in different worlds I might add" I walked down the hall with Rose following
"Well we're the best he's got"
"Now that's just sad considering he has an army at command"
"Well also draw less attention than a group of armored soliders" Rose always tried to find reason and the positives in everything and everyone, but she should probably learn that not everything has a light side.

We were approaching the Large metal doors of Mr.Ace's Office,
"Ladies First" I said to Rose before getting pushed thru the doors by her.
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