can i walk you home?

can i walk you home?

hello everybody here is a short lil story i wrote about two stupid boys who are enamored with each other but are unfortunately incredibly mentally ill.

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tha story lol

hii please don’t tell me this is bad bc i already know it is i haven’t edited it yet and i don’t rlly want to lmao

It’d been a few weeks since Jynx had been released from the hospital, and his neighbors still hadn’t gotten used to his face yet. Children who used to herd around him now avoided him, adults who used to treat him like he was one of them now gave him sympathetic looks and pitiful sighs as he walked by. To put it bluntly, he was often alone. It didn’t help that Darren had been spending more time at the orphanage, and it absolutely didn’t help that he had also been avoiding him - though he swear he wasn’t - ever since those twenty minutes in his hospital room.

Truth be told, Jynx had no idea what was happening between them anymore. They’d hung out maybe once or twice since he’d gotten home, but other than that it was just static. Darren wouldn’t even come near him. They’d always been close, perhaps closer and more comfortable with each other than people thought two guys should be, so Darren avoiding him was extremely out of character. He missed - no, he longed - for one of their sleepovers, to put his head on Darren’s chest and feel his breathing and know he was there.

Damn, he had it bad.

He’d always known he liked girls, because that’s what they had told him he was supposed to do, but only recently he realized he liked boys, too. Boys like Darren, to be specific. And now, finally, when he’d gotten the slightest hint that maybe Darren liked him, Darren decided he didn’t want to be around him anymore.

Jynx stopped in front of the bakery, exhaling and then walking in.
Ivi looked up as the bell jingled, and she smiled at him, “Hey! How are you doing?” At least he could count on the girls to treat him normally.
“Hey, Ivi, I’m feeling...okay, for the time being. I just needed to pick up that batch of muffins for my mom.” He ran a hand through his hair.
“No problem, babe,” she smiled her infectious smile again before walking into the kitchen.
Salaria came downstairs, skipping the last few steps when she saw him, throwing her arms around his shoulders, “Duck!”
He shrugged her off, laughing quietly as he said, “Only my mother can call me that.”
“Oh, shut up! How are you doing, how are you feeling?”
“Ivi literally just asked me that, you’re a little late,” Jynx rolled his eye at her.
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Salaria grinned, “you seem way better than you did a few weeks ago, you know, when you were basically dead.”
“Thank you so much for reminding me,” he kissed her on the cheek as Ivi walked out with a bag, “I will see you later, Salaria.”

“Come back soon!” Ivi waved to him once he paid.
“Just come over to mine,” he walked outside, almost crashing directly into someone’s chest.
“Oh, my...bad,” his voice  trailed off as he looked up to see Darren staring at him, a wide-eyed expression on his pale face.
“H-hey, dude,” Darren’s voice was shaky.
Jynx didn’t know what he wanted to say to him, but he might as well say hi back. “Hello, uh...hi.”
“Can we...can we talk?” Darren breathed.
“Um. Yeah. Sure,” Jynx nodded.
“Okay, um, can I walk you home?” Darren asked him.
Jynx nodded again.

It was quiet between the two as they walked, their hands occasionally brushing against one another’s, a chill racing up Jynx’s arm every single time. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Darren, did I do something? Like, something bad? Do you not want to be around me anymore or something? Did I-“
“Jynx,” Darren interrupted him, grabbing his hand, “you didn’t do anything. This was all me.”
“Then why? Why did you- why did we even- dude?”
“I’ll explain when we get to your place, please, just bear with me,” Darren was pleading with him now, and Jynx couldn’t say no to him.

The rest of the walk they stayed holding hands, though they couldn’t look each other in the eyes. Darren was on edge, Jynx could tell, and he really, really wanted to just forgive him, but he wasn’t sure what he was even forgiving him for. When they arrived at Jynx’s house, he opened the door for him, letting him go in first.

“Thanks,” Darren mumbled and Jynx just shrugged.
“Nobody’s here right now so we don’t have to go upstairs or anything like that.”
“Okay…” Darren sat down on the couch, folding and unfolding his hands in his lap.
“So…?” Jynx said as he sat next to him.
“Do you remember when I came out to you, when we were like fifteen, when we came home from Ivi’s birthday party?” Darren’s voice was barely a whisper.
“I just...when I told you that I liked guys, I meant you, but you didn’t like me, and then- and then there was that day at the hospital. I just- I went home that night and I panicked. I didn’t know what to do.” Darren ran his hand through his hair.
“You sure seemed pretty confident when you kissed me,” Jynx didn’t meet his eyes.
“I know, I’m an asshole. I like you. I like you so, so much, and I’m a bad friend for avoiding you, especially since you just came back home from the hospital, and- and- ugh.”
“Darren,” Jynx cupped Darren’s face in his hands, “it’s okay.”
“No, it’s not okay. I did a shitty thing.” Darren sighed. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I really didn’t want to ditch you, but I panicked, I’m sorry…” Darren rocked back and forth.
“I forgive you,” Jynx wiped a tear off of Darren’s cheek, “so please don’t cry. You know I’m not good with crying people.”
“We’ve gotta catch up, don’t we?” Darren laughed as he sniffled, “I think that was the longest we’d ever been apart. Besides the, uh, the hospital,” he corrected himself.
“We’ve got plenty of time to do that,” Jynx shrugged, “but right now I just wanna kiss you again.”
“Okay, yeah, we can do that too.”
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It was a great story 👍
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