FEAR: Sage's Backstory

FEAR: Sage's Backstory

This is my Sonic character, Sage, and her backstory! Please let me know what you think!

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Chapter 1.

Chance Encounter

West looked around nervously as he slipped onto the streets, trying to go unnoticed from his followers. He walked quietly as little puffs of breath could be seen in the cold, night air. As he made his way to his next location when he was suddenly yanked into an alleyway, and as soon as this happened he pinned the unknown person to the brick wall.
“Geez, West, calm down it’s just me.” They said in a strained voice. West let go of his friend. “Wayne, how many times have I told you not to do that?” West asked in an annoyed voice. Wayne just simply adjusted his leather jacket. “Hey, I just thought that you needed some time to relax and to get your mind off of…the usual. So I thought we could go by the Rink tonight.” The white cat offered. “You know that I cannot skate, and besides I’m just fine.” Replied West. Wayne chuckled a little bit, “Fine? By the way you reacted a few seconds ago doesn’t seem fine to me.” West groaned in defeat, “Alright lets go.”
Immediately after they arrived at the teen hot spot, Wayne walked over to a group of girls. To flirt of course, thought West. He walked over to one of the empty tables and watched everyone skate for a while. West was usually very social but tonight he had other things on his mind. Then he felt movement to the side of him. He glanced over and saw that a light brown, wolf had sat across from him.
“Hello.” She said in a friendly tone. West smiled a little and said his hello back. “Don’t I know you?” he asked. She looked in thought for a moment and shook her head. “No I don’t think so.”
“Then would you mind if I got the chance to?” West asked. She blushed a little and said, “Yes.” And then for the rest of the night they talked about…well about everything, though West didn’t want to mention a few things. But by the end of the night the two had exchanged numbers and made plans to meet again. West walked up to his friend and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks for bringing me here tonight, I met this girl that I really like and-. “ Wayne interrupted “Good, good! See? I told you that you needed to come here.” West smiled and agreed with his friend. Afterward he pulled out the little piece of paper that had the girl’s name and number. He couldn’t wait to meet Feather again.

*Two Years Later*

The two years passed by quickly and now Feather and West were now living together and was expecting a baby girl. Everything was seemingly fine until West came home from work one evening.
Feather was in the kitchen washing up a few dishes when West quickly came into the house. She jumped a little at the sudden sound of the door opening and closing. She saw him walked directly down the hall, towards the bathroom without saying a word.
“West?” she called after him. He didn’t respond. She quickly dried her hands and walked down the hall towards the bathroom where she could hear the water running. The door was closed. “West is everything ok?” she asked. “Y-yeah just give me-“before he could finish Feather opened the door to see something she wasn’t expecting. His hands were covered in blood and cuts and he was trying to away the blood. “Oh my god, are you okay?” She asked frantically. She then stepped towards him trying to examine his injuries. That’s when she noticed that the blood wasn’t his. “West…what happened?” she questioned in a numb tone. West turned off the water. “I was at work…” This caused Feather to feel worried. How could she have not questioned her boyfriend of what he does to bring in a check? He always have told her not to worry about it and so…she didn’t…until now. “What do you do at work?” she asked, feeling her temper rising.
“Feather…I have wanted to tell you so many times, but I just couldn’t find the words to do so.” He admitted. “Well you can tell me now.” Her voice slightly elevated. West let out a sigh and told her. “For the past five years I have been working for the Amnesia Clan...”
“So you’re telling me that you work for those murderers?!” she basically yelled. “How could you be like that?!” She could feel tears forming in her eyes, she felt so betrayed and lied to. Like she didn’t know who he really was. “They were the only family I had when I joined them, and yes, I have done things that I regret but what was I supposed to tell you without you freaking out?” he stated.
“Can’t you just quit?” she asked.
“No, I can’t just quit. I would probably be killed if I did.” He replied. She snapped and reached over and slapped his face. “I can’t believe I even liked you in the first place.” West didn’t strike back and just took the slap. “You have lied to me from the beginning and I cannot forgive you. I don’t want anything to do with you, West. Nothing. Not even your child.” West was taken aback at the last statement. “Feather you can’t just give our daughter away like that! If you don’t want her, fine. Just at least let me raise her. You know how much I have wanted a kid.” She scoffed at him, she’s all yours and I will let you know when she is born so you can come and get her. And by the way I’m not staying another night in this house with you, I’m going to my sister’s.” And with that Feather turned away with tears streaming from her eyes to go and pack some of her belongings to take for the night. West, punched the wall in frustration and could feel his own set of tears beginning to form. He was suddenly losing the woman he cared about, but he knew the he would have his daughter in the end. And really, right now, that’s all he cared about.
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