The unnamed story.

In this world, there's demons and mortals, no such things as Angels. Starting out with everyone and their evil counterpart. Now races of humans and hybrids, as well as their demonic counterparts fight for peace or power. (Also this includes racism toward a non-existent race as well of some homophobia. So read at your risk? I don't know. Also fluff) /the first chapters Wont include homophobia./

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Chapter 1.

Winged "Mornings"

Micheal or known as Cole got up that morning not really expecting anything. He stretched out his wings, hissed as the light blinded him. 12 in afternoon his usual waking time. Cracking his knuckles and back. Taking the pain relief pills to ease the pain all over his body. Throwing on his jacket, pants and shirt. Walked upstairs to find his brother, Evan, sitting at the table eating lunch. While Micheal got his usual breakfast, quiche made by the one and only amazing Evan.
"Did you take your pills?" Micheal asked the nicest he could.
"No, did you?" Evan responded, with a slight guilt in his clear deepest voice.
"Yes," Micheal answered with his much deeper and lower voice, grabbing his sibling's anti-anxiety/depressants pills. Handing them to Evan. "Here, take them."
Evan took a gulp of water, grabbing the pills drinking more water and sallowed the pills.
"So how's your day been?" Micheal asked.
"Pretty good so far, David's coming over later," Evan replied, "I think you should check on Max, he's been restless the past few days."
"Will do."
Micheal got up after finishing his quiche. Going up to the attic, he saw his husband,Maxwell, wide awake. At his usual perch, a wooden bar, hanging upside down with his wings wrapped around himself. He was a pretty tall and burly man, he had blue hair, wings and ears. His eyes were a stormy Brittany blue.(it's an actual color, don't worry.) He wore a blue long sleeved formal shirt, with a black necktie as well as formal pants. His bat ears perked up as he saw Michael.
Smiling he said,"Good afternoon, Cole."
"You too Max."
Micheal pecked his bat boy on the cheek. As he did Maxwell, being the sneak he was, pulled down Micheal's hood. Revealing his long red wolf ears. Micheal didn't notice as he picked Maxwell off of the bar.
"So what's made you so restless they past few days?"
"Llewmax, been even more of a jerk than usual."
"Makes sense. They can get like that."
"How's Laehcim?"
"Pretty good, he's tried to stab me, but less than usual."
"That's odd of him."
"Hey-nervous cough- could you maybe stay up here? So I can sleep better?" Maxwell asked still trying to sound burly and tough but failed.
"Of course."
Micheal laid under Max as he hung by his feet on the perch again. Both drifted off to sleep again.
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