Poetry Book!

Poetry Book!

I've loved poetry for more than I can remember. Whenever I feel turned down, it's always been there for me. In my opinion, nothing is better than a mind overflowing with ideas that scream to be written down. Just keep in mind that some of these poems will probably be rants.

published on January 20, 201713 reads 6 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Crushed Fingers

I know of a place.
No one has ever seen it
Except a few...
The desert of a place,
It has a cliff.
You may see the lone figure
Hanging off the edge.
A girl, hanging on
By her
If she slips
What she calls herself will
Into the darkness
Of what's eating her
No one is there
Only the dark ones
Cursing her,
Spitting on her,
Stepping on her
Crushed fingers.
What they don't know,
What I do know
Is that she
Will find the strength
To climb up the cliff
And the light will be there
To nurse her
Crushed fingers.
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