I'm not really sure how to explain the story tbh. just read and i hope you enjoy it ^.^ the pictures were as close to the characters as I could manage. >.>

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One

Chapter One

        I arrived at school, already half expecting my best friend Eileen to be waiting there for me. Usually on sunny days, like this one, she's the first person to arrive to school. I normally met her in the school cafeteria and listened to heavy metal with her. Well, more like I listened to it and she whined about it.
        Before I got out of my red Honda, I looked in the mirror to make sure everything was nice and neat. My black chokers were all aligned the way I liked it, my dark brown hair was straight, and my russet brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight. My black shirt didn't have a speck of dirt on it. I bought it just yesterday, since I never really got the chance to get new clothes. Yesterday happened to be a lucky day for that.
        I decided to leave my jacket in the car; it was going to be warm all day everywhere I went, anyway. Eileen was waiting by the front doors for me, which was sort of unusual. When I got closer to her, I realized that she wasn't staring at me wither her pale green eyes. She even had one of her fingers twirling some of her red hair. She must have been staring at her crush Evan; this was her normal routine whenever she saw him.
        When I reached her, she glanced at me, then back in the direction she was originally staring at.
        "Did you not see them," she asked.
        This confused me. I followed her gaze, but found nothing out of place. I looked back at her, meeting her excited eyes.
        "What do you mean?"
        She sighed. "There was a black Lamborghini, It parked just over there. Next to where you parked, actually. They just got here."
        There seemed to be a hint of jealousy in her tone. I ignored it, though. So what if there was a Lamborghini? I mean, sure nobody around here actually owns one, that we all know of. So, these must have been new kids or someone actually got the money to get one. Big whoop.
        A smile lit her face up just then. I followed her gaze with a frown, then froze. Three people were walking this direction. They were some of the most beautiful people I had ever seen in my entire life. There were two guys and a girl. The tallest guy had black hair and bright emerald green eyes that almost seemed to glow. He was in all black and wore combat boots. The other guy had reddish blonde hair and light blue eyes. He had on a green shirt that made him seem kinda nerdy and black converse. The girl, who was much shorter than both the guys, had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She had on a dark blue shirt and stylish jeans. All three of them appeared to be pale and extremely graceful, even though they were only walking.
        The taller guy stared at me for a moment before entering the school. Eileen followed them, so I followed her after a moment, trying to avoid any unnecessary attention. Eileen couldn't seem to shut up about them.
        "O-M-G!! He stared at you, Marceline! How does that not make you feel good?! He's so beautiful! You should get to know him!"
        "I wonder how the first date would go!"
        "And the first kiss! I bet it'd be romantic!"
        She jumped and stared at me, actually silent for once.  I sighed and forced myself to relax. I knew that it was natural for her to let her mind wander sometimes, but most of the time it got to be too much.
        "Look, I don't...I'm not gonna get to know them. I don't care about them. They're new students. So what? I mean, they're probably going to be some of the people here that bully me, like everyone else does."
        "But you need a date to Prom! You have to go this year! Last year, you never showed up," she exclaimed.
        Well, not everything will work out the way you want it to, I thought dully.
        I shrugged after a moment. "I mean, if you want me to show up, I guess I might. It just depends. I'm not going to come with anyone, though. There really isn't any point."
        She huffed, but the bell rang, thankfully. I didn't want to hear her going on about how I had to get a boyfriend for the Prom that was coming up in a few months. I mean, I didn't even want to go. I wasn't one for being around people a lot, and she knew that.
        My first class seemed to drag on. The teacher wasn't there, so we had a ton of paper work. It was all very easy, since it was stuff we had gone over about two weeks ago. I was the first or second person done with it. I decided to listen to my music and read a book. I was about four pages into the book when there was a soft tap on my shoulder. I placed my book on the desk after marking the page, then turned around and came face to face with the new guy, the one with reddish blonde hair. My face heated up and my breath caught in my throat. I had never been this close to anyone in my entire life, and I wasn't sure what to do.
        "Hi," he said before pulling away a little
        His voice was soft and smooth at the same time.
        "Do you happen to have a pencil I can borrow? Mine broke." he said.
        I yanked a pencil out of my backpack as fast as I could and handed it to him. He smiled, then shoved his broken pencil in his pocket.
        "so, what's your name?" he asked.
        I didn't know how to respond. I wasn't used to people trying to be nice to me.
        I just sat there staring at him for several moments like an idiot. He didn't seem to care. He was extremely patient.
        "Marceline," I finally managed to speak.
        "Zachariah Bonham," he replied with.
        I gave him a weak smile before turning back around in my seat so I could listen to my music and read my book in peace. What just happened to me? I've never been that shy in front of a guy before. Usually, I can talk to them easy if they're being nice to me, which was completely rare.
        I just sighed, still not sure what exactly to do about anything. At least it was Friday, so I wouldn't have to worry about seeing them around for the next two days.

        Eileen met up with me at lunch. She and I were eating a slice of pizza while we talked, and of course, the entire conversation seemed to be about the Bonham's now.
        "Cole was really intimidating to me. He never really replied to anything I said and always seemed to be frustrated with something. Elizabeth was nice. She and I talked about a ton of things. She agreed with almost everything I said today.  Zachariah seemed like the perfect gentleman, though."
        So Cole and Elizabeth must have been Zachariah's brother and sister. I probably didn't have any classes with them, and I didn't care if I did either.
        "Hm. Are you sure....?"
        "Yes, Eileen. I don't care."
        She sighed, a little more dramatic than necessary. I rolled my eyes at her before getting up to throw my trash away. Eileen followed and continued our subject on the Bonham's. It was really starting to drive me crazy.
        "I kinda told Cole a little bit about you."
        I scoffed. "please, tell me that that was a joke!"
        Her eyes seemed to sparkle. "No, it wasn't. He seemed to be really interested in you, too. It took me ages and ages to get any courage to talk to him. he's so much like you, in my opinion. And his voice! You have got to hear it!"
        I sighed. That's when she started comparing Cole and Zachariah, then. I kept my head down, sort of embarrassed by Eileen. She wasn't usually this chatty over guys. It was almost like seeing a new her today.
        Keeping my head down was a huge mistake. I walked right into somebody. My face heated up when I saw who it was. It was Cole Bonham.
        "OH!! Marceline!! This is Cole!" Eileen yelled happily.
        She was starting to drive me crazy. She was acting like a five year old on Christmas morning when they finally got something they had been wanting for ages. It was maddening and making me want to stab myself.
        I felt trapped there. I couldn't seem to make myself move, Eileen wouldn't shut up, and Cole's glowing green eyes were stuck on my face. He was smiling at me, completely ignoring Eileen. That was when everything went silent. It was just me and him now, nobody was around us. Instead of feeling trapped, I felt safe, comfortable. Everything seemed like a dream in that instant, up until the bell rang. I shook my head and came back to the present. Eileen was still talking, though I wasn't sure how I didn't hear her earlier.
        Cole smiled again, then said," You can thank me later."
        I watched him turn away to his brother Zachariah in confused. What did he mean by "thank him"? There was nothing to thank him for.
        I started heading back to class, a little light headed and irritated. Eileen was walking to class with me, since her class was right next to mine. She was still babbling like the little girl she tries to be. To ignore her, I put my headphones in and blasted my music over her talking. I smiled to myself then.
        I froze at the door when I reached my class. Cole and Zachariah were talking to the teacher. I blushed and hid my face, knowing that they were going to have to sit beside me. Those were the only two seats that were left open in the class, and I was right in between them.
        Eventually, Cole sat down on my right side and Zachariah on my left. Zachariah greeted me quietly and pulled out his journal for notes. Cole did the same, but silently. He seemed to be ignoring me, which was completely fine. Part of me seemed to be a little annoyed by it, though.  
        I pulled out a journal and a pencil. I started writing a story about how this little girl could turn into a dolphin. She enjoyed playing with the dolphins every morning and night. She was immortal, forever stuck at ten years old.
        I glanced up at Zachariah when he tapped me on the shoulder, losing my train of thought. He had a small smiled and handed me the pencil that I let him borrow earlier this morning. I took it quietly, then blushed when his finger brushed against mine.
        "Thanks for letting me use that earlier."
        "Don't worry about it."
        "So, I was wondering if-"
        Cole had gotten up to get something from the teacher, causing his chair to squeak loudly and interrupt Zachariah. I narrowed my eyes at Cole for a short second, then turned back to Zachariah.
        "Please, continue." I said with a weak smile.
        "Well, anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go out and do something over the weekend. As friends I mean."
        I didn't know how to react. Eileen was the only one that ever invited me to go anywhere.
        That was when Cole returned and sat back down, a little quieter this time. He had a smug smile on his face when he began to talk. And holy crow, his voice! It was the best.
        "You can't go out, Zachy boy. You promised our sister Elizabeth you'd take her hunting."
        I glanced at Cole, a little annoyed that he had interrupted Zachariah. It was normal, though, since they were brothers, I supposed.
        Zachariah just stared at Cole for a long moment. "I did?"
        Cole scoffed. "Yes! You swore to her this morning."
        To be honest, I felt like I was missing something now.
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