Morning After Dark

Morning After Dark

My first story on here hope you enjoy. It was a normal day for five teenagers until zombies over run their town and infiltrate their school. Can they survive?

published on March 25, 201510 reads 8 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

Day One

SpinnerFTW as Josh
JackieTheHedgehog as Jackie
sapphirethehedgehog as Sapphire

It was a regular day as the pupils walked through the school gate to be met with cherry blossom along the path to the entrance. The lessons went on as normal. Lunch was normal. It was fifth period when something strange occurred. A man on the outside of the school was attacking the gates. Some teachers met with the man to see what the problem was. The PE teacher got close. A little too close. The man bit the teachers arm. He collapsed to the ground dead. The rest of the teachers stood horrified at what this thing had done. Then it happened. The PE teacher rose but was somehow different. His face was droopy and his eyes were red. He munched on one of the other teachers and mass chaos ensued. This infection was spreading like wildfire. Tristan, Claire and Sebastian headed to the roof to try to escape. "Come on you guys we're never going to make it." Tristan said as he sprinted up the stairs stopping and panting every so often. When Claire and Sebastian reached the roof Tristan had started making a barricade. "Find anything you can to stop them getting up." Tristan commanded. "And Claire I need a word with you." Claire was compliant and met Tristan in a corner far away from Sebastian. "Look I know you love him. He was a great person but he's going to turn. He's been bit." Claire dropped to her knees and started to cry. "Please don't kill him." Claire bargained.
"I'm sorry. I know how long you two have been dating but it will only be worse when he does go." Sebastian turned and smiled at his girlfriend and his mate. Tristan grabbed a bat they had found and prepared to strike. Claire screamed "STOP!!" Whilst Tristan ran towards Sebastian with the bat. Sebastian once again turned and faced them but this time he looked like the PE teacher did. Tristan brought the bat down on Sebastian's head. From a separate part of the school there was a loud scream. Tristan grabbed Claire by the hand grabbed the fire hose and unleashed it on the creatures at the bottom of the stairs. Claire continued crying until they met with the girl who had been screaming. It was Jackie who appeared to have partnered up with Josh to try to survive. The person tipped mere centimetres from her and Josh helped her to her feet. Tristan and Claire weren't the only people to have come to help. It turned out that Sapphire had saved Mrs Glass when they heard the scream. Sapphire had a wooden katana in her hand which had been covered in blood from the things she had killed. The six decided to form a group and survive.
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awesome bro keep this up it's sick as
on March 25, 2015