Lord of the Sues, Mary Sues and how to avoid them

Lord of the Sues, Mary Sues and how to avoid them

Have a Mary Sue? Need pointers for your oc? Just want a laugh? Read this book on Mary Sues to help! Hope you enjoy

published on February 14, 2017142 reads 30 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

What is a Mary Sue?

Mary Sues are usually classified as op, over awesome, over beautiful, and over smart fictional characters, we all have an opinion on these nasty perfects, they have no flaws.

There are many types of Sues, here are a list of some of them:
Einstein Sue
Copycat Sue
Jerk Sue
Sympathetic sue
Relationship Sue
Villan Sue
Parody Sue

They are all different in ways, but same concept applies: MARY SUES ARE GAYYYYYYYY

Anyways, read on to find the origins of the Sues, how to NOT make one, and how to recognize one, and more! Hope you enjoy!

Sincerely, Clawdacat
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Comments (1)

I dialed all my characters back

And Mary sues have superpowers that's not accurate for some fandoms unless they're the most powerful being in the world.
on February 14, 2017