Lost Memories/

Cyruss wakes up in another world with no memories of his past, He finds a named Atlus, in a kingdom known as Lestra.

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Chapter 1.


I walked for weeks
I wonder why I havn't died of exhaustion or starvation
whatever Divine being out there must love watching me suffer.
My bag's completly empty other than a Rose that didn't show any sign of wilting.
my body became heavier as I walked, I collapsed on the ground out cold.

I awaken on a bed with a soft red blanket over me,
"Good you're awake!" a girl said as she entered the room. she had short silver hair that matched her eyes, and she wore a long light blue dress with a White jacket over it.
"Where am I?" I asked her
"you're in Atlus, it's a small forest town" he sat on a chair beside the foot of the bed "I'm Sera"
"I'm...I don't know"
"so you have Amnesia?"
"looks that way yeah"
"Well lets call you whatever you think sounds right"
"The name Cyruss has been ringing through my mind recently"
"Okay, so You're Cyruss!" she said happily "now I wanted to show you something but first lets see if you're good to move, try standing up!"

I got up from the bed feeling completely rested
"Can you walk?" she asked "If you could make your way to that little machine atccross the room"
I did as she instructed and walked towards the machine that looked like an old arcade game.
The screen had S.P.E.C.I.A.L across the screen.
"What is this?" I asked
"It's like a test just read what it says and follow the instructions"

The machine read 7 differed stats all set to 5 out of 10, with 13 spare points
the instructions had said to adjust the stats myself using the controls.
Strengh 5>1=6
Perception 5>3=8
Endurance 5>5=10
Charisma 5<2=3
Intelligence 5>2=7
Agility 5>3=8
Luck 5>1=6

Final S-6/P-8/E-10/C-3/I-7/A-8/L-6

"Well your endurance is amazing, I would have never guessed considering I found you passed out in the forest with amnesia" She joked
"Could we just go and see this surprise you have" I said
"In a minute, I want you to fill out a form" she said grabbing a cipboard off a shelf
"What for?"
"it's apart of your surprise!"
"fine" I agreed as I took the clipboard from her hand

Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
-Sub: Rune
Top SPECIAL quality: Endurance
Prefered weapon: Sword
Background: Lost Memories
Kingdom: ?
Race: Human?
Attribute: Flare (Fire)
Job(s): chose a max of 3 outta 11 jobs
(V) Yes
(X) No
Farmer (V)/Baker or Cook(X)/Gaurd(V)/Blacksmith(V)/ Doctor(X)/
Teacher(X)/ Librarian (X)/ Shop Worker(X)/ Hunter(X)/ Council Member(X)

"What kind of form is this?" I asked her refering to the strange questions such as 'Attribute', 'Weapon', and 'Class'

"Oh nothing, now that that's outta the way come here!" she said walking outta the house
I followed her to a feild with a little house.

"What is this?" I asked her
"Your new home, I mean unless you wanna leave and pass out somewhere no one can reach you"
"So it's stay here or risk dying somewhere isolated?"
"Yup!" she said casually with a smile as if she's happy with either choice.
"You...Thank you" I said deciding to stay, 'Maybe this is where fate wanted me' I thought.
"Great, do what ever you want! I'll Give this form to the Town hall and you can start working tommorow"

"Wait what do you get outa this?" I asked not believing that this was all for me a stranger she just met.
"The joy of helping out a person in need...Plus if you stay here you'll have to pay me half of what you earned from your job(s) for a year as a rent" she smiled before running off "Don't forget to introduce yourself to the rest of the town"

"right..." I sighed as I look around the large field.
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