The Homeless Murderer

This is a story about a girl named Belle, who was 14 years old. She finds a homeless person on the streets, and brings him home to help him. Turns out, she shouldn't of ever brought him in...

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Chapter 1.

The Homeless Guy

That night, when I went for a jog, I saw him. The homeless guy.
I felt so bad for him. He looked hungry and tired.
But there were rumors about him. People said to never bring him in your house, because he's a murderer.
But I don't believe rumors like that. So, I talked to him for awhile.
"Hi, I'm Belle."
He looked away.
"It's okay, I won't hurt you. What's your name?"
"I'm Walter." He said quietly. He looked like he was in his 30's.
"Well, Walter, would you like to stay at my house until you get a house and a job?"
"Okay", Walter said.
So I lead him on to my house, and rang the doorbell. My mom answered.
"Done with your jog already?" She didn't notice Walter until after she said that. "Umm, Belle, who is this?"
"This is Walter", I said. "He doesn't have a house, so I thought he could stay here for a few weeks until he got a house."
"Well, okay, but I wish you would've asked first."
"Walter, you can stay in the guest bedroom."
As I lead him down to his room, he looked around the house strangely. I couldn't help but notice how evil his expression looked.
I got uncomfortable. What am I thinking? I thought. The rumors about Walter aren't true.
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that was really interesting
on July 28, 2015
aww, thank you
Your welcome
on July 14, 2015
on July 14, 2015
on July 14, 2015