A Summer with "It"

A Summer with "It"

This is just a lame story which I don't really expect to go anywhere and just made for my own amusement but some of this ish did happen to me.

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Chapter 2.

Don't take cards from strangers

After the police had left my mom told me that the night before I came an African American woman had been harassing them and she thought they could be related. What they had against my mom and step dad I had no idea. I was paranoid all night and refused to come out of my room. I had two huge windows one behind my bed that went to the ceiling and one on the left side of my room about the same height and length. I checked the windows again and went to the living room with my mom to play Sonic Generations. Daffy jumped in between us on the couch and nuzzled my knee. I pet him and smiled. "Thank you Daffy." He licked my hand as I gave him two kitty treats. I checked my phone and got a text from my best friend Elise.
We had been friends for almost 7 years now. She told me that she was heading to a city near mine for a week vacation with her family. I smiled and asked my mom if we could go. She said yes and two days later we were in our car on our way to her hotel. Well a park near her hotel. When we saw each other we hugged for what felt like forever.
Her mom and my mom trusted us to go into town to explore because I knew how to do karate and could keep both of us safe. Elise knew that I wasn't the person people want to see mad so we both went into town. We got to a strip mall connected to an actual mall in the middle. We talked about random stuff from what we liked, to our friends, to things we used to do together. We laughed and walked into a retro gaming store. It looked old and like nothing special. I scanned around and saw a Gameboy. "I had one of those with a Zelda game, wish I still had it." I said to Elise.
She smiled seeing a Banjo Kazooey plushie and hugging it. I saw a series of Pokémon plushies and looked at them. They were really nothing special, mostly Pikachu, Eevee, and some starter pokemon from each generation. The ones no one really wants to take. I looked at the pokemon cards and grabbed a big pack. "You getting that?" Elise asked as she put the plushie on the counter with a twenty in her hand. I nodded and she paid for both. "Hey kid, want some really rare cards?" The man behind the counter asked me. I nodded and smiled. "Yeah." He grabbed a suitcase and placed it on the counter. Something snapped in my brain and told me to get out of there. "Never mind, I'm good." I replied trying to use an excuse to get out of there. He gave me an angry look. "You sure?" "Yeah dude, Alexis lets go." Elise cut in and grabbed my wrist. I nodded and followed her but a man blocked our path. The only reason we got out was because two boys wanted to walk in. The two of us ran as fast as we could out of that mall.
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