A Summer with "It"

A Summer with "It"

This is just a lame story which I don't really expect to go anywhere and just made for my own amusement but some of this ish did happen to me.

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Chapter 1.

Cats make the best guard dogs

I was spending the summer with my mom in another state. In which I had no friends, family, or anyone except my cat who I loved. My mom showed me around the house and then showed me to around the town. She went with my step dad into a store as I stood outside trying to adjust my eyes to the blinding light when I saw a figure I recognized right away. It was a guy who I used to live by last year until my mom moved to this town.
I saw his daughter Selena who had her dirty blonde hair cut to look like a boy across the street in the back of a car. She looked at me but I looked away. "Hey Alexis," I snapped my head to the right and saw another figure that I had recognized. James, he was a guy who my mom used to be friends with but he was caught doing bad things that I choose not to mention even on a story. When my mom and step dad found out she kicked him out of their house and I never really knew what happened to him because I wasn't with her at this time.
I glared him as he looked at my outfit. A gray shirt with a batman logo right on my chest, shorts that were halfway above my knee, and black sandals. "Wanna hug? Its me James," He said with open arms and a kind smile. His normal blond hair was messy as he walked over to me. I turned the other direction and ran into the store just as my mom finished buying some chocolate milk as I asked for despite how hot it felt outside. I gulped the drink down and told my mom what happened. When my step dad got outside he said that he was no where in sight but since he knew I was scared he said we should finish the tour later and just go home. The rest of the night was slow as I listened to Untitled by Simple Plain. I sang along with the lyrics trying to forget what happened earlier. My mom had a huge bathtub so I decided to take a bath.
About ten minutes after I had got in my mom banged on the door and yelled for me to get out. Her voice was frantic and full of worry. She sounded like she wanted me to hurry up. "Just get out," She told me. I got out and wrapped a towel around my body as my mom took me to my room. "Mom? What's going on?" I asked as my mom checked my windows. She told me that Daffy my cat was acting strange and wanted to go outside. As my step dad went outside he saw a man looking into our bathroom from the window just beyond my reach with a camera. As soon as the man saw my step father he ran away. (Yes this part actually did happen to me irl and it was scary.) I heard a police siren outside our house now as my mom told me to stay outside. To his day I don't know if he was caught or how long he was watching me. But I knew this summer was gonna be something to remember for sure.
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