A trip to the border.

A trip to the border.

Sightstorm, Ravenheart, and Whitewing travel to the border of Windclan planning to teach a pesky apprentice, Finchpaw, a lesson. Sightstorm: Created by @FullmetalSoulButler

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To Windclan we go

        My tail swished over several ferns as I made my way through the undergrowth. Whitewing's pelt brushed against mine and I muttered under my breath about her bright fur. Sightstorm kept padding ahead and I constantly had to pull his tail for him to stay with us. He glared at me and flicked his ear.
        "Are we almost there?" Whitewing grumbled, brambles getting snagged in her pelt. I sighed, my head throbbing from a headache. Why did we have to sneak to the Windclan border in the first place? But there was no turning back now. As the stench of Windclan wafted over us, I wrinkled my nose. I heard Sightstorm cough and I shot him a glare. Soon, we heard a small rustle and the patter of paws.
        "That's Finchpaw." Whitewing hisses quietly. Finchpaw was an annoying Windclan apprentice who always strayed too close to the border. I nodded to my companions and flicked my tail. I unsheathed my claws and silently counted down. When I got to one, we hurled ourselves out of the undergrowth and bared our teeth. Finchpaw leaped back, her brown tabby pelt on edge and her green eyes wide.
        "Why are you near the border again, little apprentice?" Sightstorm hissed, unsheathing his claws. The Windclan cat glared at us and hissed, unsheathing her claws. I padded over to the border and stuck my muzzle in her face.
        "Listen here. We don't want mouse brained apprentices wandering around Thunderclan territory!" I snapped, baring my teeth. Finchpaw just hissed and cuffed over the muzzle roughly.
        "Why you little!" I snarled, but Whitewing caught my tail and dragged me back. I still had my ears pressed against my scull and was still snarling.
        "Please, just don't come near the order again." Sightstorm sighed, his black and with pelt bristling. The apprentice showed no signs of moving anywhere. Before we could do anything, a loud voice boomed for us to stop. I froze in my tracks.
        "What are you three doing?" A voice yowled. Goldstar leaped out of the undergrowth, her golden tabby pelt rippling. She stalked toward us and glanced at Finchpaw.
        "You may go." She excused the apprentice and she scampered away. I gawked at our leader and Whitwwing sputtered for words. Goldstar glared at the three of us and I felt like an apprentice being scolded by my mentor for leaving the elder's moss damp.
        "That was the WIndlcan medicine cat's apprentice." She began. Right away, I realized our first mistake.
        "Second, there is yarrow that grows right on the border, so she was collecting some." That was out second mistake. Whitewing and Sightstorm flinched at every word our leader said, but i just stared, gaping.
        "She didn't tell you she was a medicine cat apprentice because she is mute." That was the hugest mistake we had ever made. I sighed, staring at my paws. Whitewing mumbled something.
        "Your punishment is simple. Back to apprentice duties until the next gathering. Understood?" Goldstar asked. the other two nodded, and so did I.  As we headed back to camp, I mentally clawed myself for making such a stupid mistake.
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Thank you I miss warrior cats ;~; and make another one!!
Thanks! I miss warriors too!
on March 18
on March 18