First Dates (OC x canon stories)

First Dates (OC x canon stories)

This is a brand new series of ship stories! i hope I write these good enough x3 Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
Learning To Skate (Taylor Oceana x Gray)

Learning To Skate (Taylor Oceana x Gray)

It was just a normal day in Fiore ... Well... Normal in Fiore's own way. The Fairy Tail guild had been bustling with all the job requests that had been flying in at quick rates for the past week, and at last things had slowed down. Everyone in the guild agreed it was time to take a break and relax for a while, all but Erza of course who was already out on another S class mission. Typical Erza.
Taylor had been relaxing with Rin for the past few days outside the guildhall of their beloved Fairy Tail, enjoying the chilly yet welcoming breezes of a calm winter soon to come. Taylor had a white parka on for a change since it had gotten colder, and Rin with his fur coat just had his usual clothing of black vest and blue shorts on. As the past few days had gone, the nine tails dragon slayer of fire and ice lay stretched out across the ground, hands under her head, staring up at the wondeful deep blue skies with only a few white clouds passing by every now and again.
Taylor had just opened her eyes, jumping with a start, as none other than Gray Fullbuster had been crouched above her for who knows how long, she was napping, face inches away from hers.
"Geez Gray!" Taylor yelped as she flinched in shock, only earning a chuckle from the ice mage.
"Hey Tay. I've been meaning to ask you something lately but you've been busy." Gray said after calming from his fit of chuckling.
"What's up?" Taylor asked curiously in reply and sat up, dusting off her back from dirt that had strayed onto her parka.
"I was wondering if, maybe you and I could go on a date later today?" Gray asked, a light pink dusting across his cheeks. Taylor's cheeks tinted red and she nodded with a bright smile on her face.
"Yeah! That sounds fun!"
"Okay, I'll come and get you later at your place?"
"You know where I live right Gray?"
"Yeah west side of town."
"You got it!"
"Ok, I'll see ya then." Gray said with a smile and walked home. Taylor got up along with Rin and headed home too, they didn't have much else to do after all, and Taylor had to get ready for her date.
As soon as the two got home, Rin sat down on the couch while Taylor walked upstairs to try on different clothes. Sure she was going ice skating, but she at least wanted to look decent for Gray at the same time. She came out in several different outfits, and with the help of Rin she figured out what to wear after various forms of no.
Taylor finally came out in a shining black long sleeve top, grey tights, and a white belt.
"It's decent enough, not to flashy but not to laid back if ya ask me." Rin said, finally nodding his head in approval.
"Thanks Rin, you're the best!" Taylor replied with a smile and hugged the white tiger exceed.
Around an hour later, Gray showed up at the door. He was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt with tan fur around the hood, a red shirt underneath, and blue jeans. Looks like they both had gone for casual clothing. He knocked on the door in which Taylor opened it up a few moments later.
"Hey!" Taylor greeted with a smile.
"Hey Tay, you look good," Gray greeted back. Taylor blushed lightly at the compliment and mentally fist pumped, she was so excited for what's to come. "Ready to go?"
"Yup! See you later Rin!" Taylor called to her exceed as she walked out the door.
"'Kay!" Was the reply from Rin heard in the other part of the house before Taylor shut the door. The two mages smiled and off they walked side by side.
Eventually after a fairly long but very entertaining walk, the two ended up at an ice skating rink, typical Gray always picking something that has to do with ice.
"Oh cool!" Taylor said with a small smile.
"What's up?" Gray asked.
"Hm? Oh nothing.. It's just that I don't really know how to skate." Taylor replied and Gray chuckled.
"Don't worry I'll teach you." Gray said and the two walked inside. He rented both of them their skates which were white with light blue snow flakes on them, helped Taylor lace hers up, and helped her onto the rink. Taylor was nervous at first since she was standing on nothing but a couple of metal blades attached to the bottom of a shoe, it made her walking odd. As soon as she tried to take one step she slipped and fell right on her rear. Gray chuckled and helped her back up.
"You okay?"
"Yeah, that hurt though." Taylor replied and Gray chuckled yet again.
"Here, hold my hands, I won't let you fall." Gray said and held out his hands. Taylor set her hands in his and he held them carefully, causing her to blush light pink. Gray then started slowly skating backwards, taking Taylor with him. Both of them smiled at each other, it was actually pretty fun for the both of them.
After around a half hour of skating hand in hand, Taylor had gotten the hang of it and was gradually keeping in sync with Gray's movements. He loosened his grip slightly and looked into Taylor's ocean blue eyes.
"Think you can skate on your own?" He asked.
"Maybe.." Taylor replied, causing Gray to smile.
"I'll be right behind you if you fall okay?"
"'Kay." Taylor replied and Gray let go, slowing down and skating behind her. She was well on her way touring around the rink.
After a few more hours of skating, an occasional fall, and laughing with each other, Gray and Taylor finally settled down in one of the nearby cafe's in the rink, having cups of hot chocolate and watching as other people skated around. Gray somewhat casually put his arm around Taylor's shoulder causing her to blue bright red, making him smile.
"You know, I've liked you for quite a bit Tay."
"R-really?" Taylor looked at Gray with probably the most happy glance he had ever seen from her.
"Really." Gray replied and the next moment, Taylor had leaned in and kissed his lips with her own. Gray smiled and kissed her back, this was really an evening to remember for the two of them. But, it would be hard explaining to Juvia, since she was already around the corner, having watched everything that occurred. Hoo boy...
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