Sugar in the Moonlight

Sugar in the Moonlight

This story is basically about a girl, unwanted, by everyone, However still shows hope in her big blue eyes.

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Dear Mommy & Daddy

Dear Mommy & Daddy,                                                                                                                                 12-22-14
    I don't know if you'll ever read this, but the orphanage director said I could send one letter to you guys when I turned 10, weird huh? It's been 7 years since you dropped me off. I don't know much, but I understand you're not coming back. I've accepted that. They told me when I was 9, but I figured it out when Delilah's parents never came back after two years, I don't know why I expected you to come back for years. Don't worry, my friends kept me company. You probably don't want to see me, But I still hope we meet one day! Anyway, Happy birthday to me!
                                                                                                           The daughter that you loved to much, but had to give up </3

    I finish sloppily writing my letter for my mother and place it in the green envelope I had picked out from the store. Licking the envelope, I sealed it tight handing the letter to the orphanage director, Mrs. Gelican. She gave a soft smile, and brought me out to the mail box with her. Allowing me to place the letter in and raise the flag. I sigh, skipping back up to my bedroom.

"Delilah!" I shout from across the room, she appeared to be hanging out with Jeffrey and Caleb, The two teenagers/oldest, they are both 15.
I happened to be the youngest. Delilah was 14, but we were still great friends. I saw her get up from where she was sitting and walk over to me, she had asked what happened and I explained to her all about the letter. She is like a mother to me. Although, I don't know much about having a mother other then my three years of living with my actual mother, but that far back, I can't remember.
I yawn, after explaining she and Caleb tuck me in. Jeffrey never liked me for an odd reason. Maybe tomorrow..I'll talk to him.


I awake the next morning, only to be next to Jeffrey. I softly yawn, wondering how and why I'm here. I hear a gigantic yawn, and feel someone push me off the bed. Looks like Jeff's awake.

"Jeffrey" I whisper softly, as I poke his shoulder. He groans 'go away' But I stay, I rub my eyes. They're wet, kind of like if I were crying.
I shake him lightly, mainly because Im weak from not having any food since yesterday morning.
He soonly sits up and looks embarrassed, I see a blush spread across his originally pale cheeks. I had asked what I was doing sleeping in his bed and he answered " Caleb and Delilah didn't wan't to take care of you. You were crying or something in your sleep. I took you with me." He looks down, he shoos me out and I do as told. Getting dressed in my uniform; A Pitch black skirt which length concedes to half-way down the thighs, A White collared button down shirt, and lastly and pair of knee high socks and Plain mary-jane shoes. I added my neck collar as an extra.

    Walking down the stairs to the kitchen, I smelt something burning. I ran into the room and noticed the eggs on the stove were burning, so bad that a mini fire had started in the pan. I didn't know what to do! I rushed to grab oven mitts and picked up the frying pan carefully, placing it into the sink and turning the left handle right. Leaving the cold water running on the pan, I went around the house and searched for everyone. I called out for them, all I heard were a few groans from the basement. Not wanting to go down, I phoned the police. Making my way back in the kitchen, I turned the sink off. I heard the sirens from out the open window above the counter. I make my way outside and explain what's happened and the noises I heard from downstairs. Loading their guns, the walk silently and slowly down the basement stairs. What they encounter is a monstrosity. It's...

( Haha, Cliffhanger :3 Tell me how the story is so far, Should I continue? )
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on January 27, 2015