The Challenge Around the World 11

The Challenge Around the World 11

16 characters. going around the world, for another million dollars. I'm too lazy to think of a new prize, so i'll use the same as last seasons.

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Chapter 1.


Joey: Team Nile, you lose your win streak.
Raven: Alexa play despacito
Joey: We don't have time for that. We got to push someone out of a plane.
Axis: Here's five bucks. To do this quickly.
Joey: DEAL! Axis, June, and Drive are safe.  And out of Raven and Heather... Raven is safe.
Heather: What! Why!
Joey: Lets see... you...
Heather: Forget it. *grabs parachute and jumps*
Joey: That b#tch didn't let me push her.
Drive: I won't miss her.
Axis: Would anyone miss her?
Joey: Ha! Nope!
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‘Can we do a communist challenge-‘
12 days ago