Athena x springtrap

Athena x springtrap

This is for my sister LilGaster ^-^ anyways here you go sis! Hope you enjoy!

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Athena was walking around the horror attraction trying to find the security guard when she bumped into spring trap and she almost fell backwards but she felt someone grab her hand and pull her up, she looked at spring trap and blushed. "T-thank you" she said.
Spring trap smiled "your welcome" he said and started to walk off "w-wait I didn't catch your name" athena said wanting springtraps name "I'm springtrap" he said and walked back towards Athena "i-im athena" she smiled "that's a pretty name" springtrap winked at her.
Athena blushed madly and they were talking for quite a while when the security guard walked into the office, springtrap kissed athena on the cheek and ran off to catch the security guard. Athena blushed again and smiled *he's really cute and sweet* she thought and walked off to help find the security guard.
After a while athena found the security who was terrified after seeing foxy jumping right at him so athena jumped at the guard when he was busy and ended up killing him. Springtrap was shocked as he was in the window looking at the guard, he then looked at athena and smiled.
Springtrap walked over to athena and kissed her forehead, she blushed and hugged him. Springtrap of course hugged back and picked her up, and started walking to his starting place which was off the camera.
Athena was about to fall asleep when springtrap grabbed her hands and took a deep breath, athena was confused for a minute until he started speaking "look athena I know we just met today and all but I really like you and I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me?" He said worrying that she'll say no. Athena blushed madly and nodded her head.
Springtrap was shocked at this and he hugged her tightly "I love you athena" he said "i-i love you too springtrap"
After that they kissed and eventually the became a wonderful couple and killed the security guards together if they ever could kill the security guard that is.
((Here ya go sister I hope you liked this ^-^ it was a lot of fun writing this!))
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YEEES! Thank you!
Your welcome sis
on July 12, 2016
on July 12, 2016
on July 08, 2016