This is a shipping story between, guess who? Oliver and Kendall! Sorry if this cringy or bad-

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Chapter 1.

Author Note
Chapters in this story may involve suicidal thoughts, and child abuse. so TW.

His soft golden brown gaze flew along the cracked cement, his foot digging into a small pool of sand between one of the cracks. He glanced up once he heard the sound of a sharp stick cracking in half. He had been awaiting almost a half day for his mother to finally pick him up from school, he had figured after awhile she just wanted him to walk, but he waited anyway. A few moments later after he was thinking, their white van pulled up next to him. He glanced uo from his gaze on the ground, to match eye contact wih his fellow brown eyed mother. He slowly reached forward to wrap his fingers around the enterance of rhe door, pulling it open. He sat in the passenger seat, as his blond haired mother stared at him. "Sorry for being late, Alyssa." Just the mere mention of his birth name disgusted him. He nodded at her, and reached his arm out to change the radio station. She smacked his arm, hard, and he quickly pulled his hand away, whinpering.

After about a quarter of an hour driving, they arrived at their small white trailer, that did have a bathroom, yes.
He slowly exited the car, holding his galaxy backpack in his baby soft hands. He walked to the enterance of the house, and unlocked the door with his key, while he waited for his mother to get his siblings out of the car. His two sisters soon ran past him, shoving him against the stairs to get into the house.
He sighed softly and stepped in after him. As he had no homework, he immediately went to his bedroom, and gently kicked the door shut, laying on his bed that was covered in a black sheet.
He pulled out his iphone like, blue ipod, and turned it on. He scrolled through his phone for a moment, before going onto Qfeast.
He saw that he had one PM, and immediately knew it was from his lover.
He and his love had been dating since January 21st. They had their bumps and bruises, and flaws and cuts, bur they loved eachother very much, and no one could take that.
He barely read the pm she sent; as he typed his own. But something made him freeze, his mother, yelling as usual. Had she found something? If she found his notebook, he would dead. It was filled with raps, poems, and vent drawings. She felt her heavy feet storming toward his room. He sat up quickly, as he felt her chucking his black notebook at him. He rubbed his cheek, as that was where it hit him.
He barely heard his mother's words, as something made him feel nauesous.
"Transgender? I want you out now. Don't ever come fuckking back." He could see the soft tears filling his mother's eyes. He grabbed a bag quickly, filled it with some clothes and books, and some food and water. He, then grabbed a charger and ran out of the house, starting to sob.
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