Sasuke x reader

But this time its not a slut fiction i promise i really tried despite not knowing what a sasuke is.

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Consistant verb tense and povs for once

Y/n's pov

My eyes were raw and felt just as hurt as the slashed bird, limping through the wet grass. I sulked, entranced by its weak form. I wanted to help it, but could I? I wasn't doing well either. My katana remained gripped in the upright position but despite this, I was facing away from the battle. Or the battle that had just occurred at least.

The fight with the ambushers left me drained. Ironically, they still imposed one final challenge for me, yet I had won the war. This challenge was to beat my eyes. If I won, I could stay awake. I had to. I wanted to go home. Sure, I knew my village was shit, and abandoned, but many beds were still left open and I had to sleep in a place I felt safe despite all odds.

Cold wind flurried through the forest, pushing droplets of morning dew into my skin.

I gracelessly curled into a ball not wanting to deal with the world as of right now.

"You're really gonna sleep after an impressive show like that?" I heard. I didn't know who's voice it was.

Currently, and to be honest, I was too tired to care.

Whoever had come across me in this forest clearing squealed again. Annoyingly. "Come on, get up, everyone wants your autograph! Those moves were incredible! Sorry we didn't stumble around til you finished the last guy. All my friends and I want to know if you're okay..."

I lifted my chin, unblurring the face infront of me slowly. It was Naruto. That annoying bastard child from the nearby village.

A cool hand launched upon my shoulder and shook me.

'Do... you... mind?" I said weakly. So weak, infact, the brain dead preteen couldn't distinguish my words or the venom laced in them.

This new assailant, or kid who I would soon be the assailant of if he didn't f♤ck off, got the funny idea to pry my eyelids open as I tried flinching away lazily.

Then I heard a kick come to the c♤nt's head.

I smiled because there wasn't a word in the world expressful of my mirth.

I set my head back down, not awake enough for this. The true assailent of Naruto, who I hadn't examined yet, let out a soft chuckle. I followed him up, only able to tell he was male by the deepness of the laugh.

My skull throbbed. It almost made me forget to go on the traditional greeting my elders always taught me to announce when first meeting someone. My high class in what was my village's society dicted that I had to state something along the lines of "You've been bestowed with the royal kunoichi's presence" each and every time. I scooped myself off the moist dirt, again, moving weak and slowly. buttfuck formalities I guess. I was gonna greet this guy how I felt like it.

A light wave of dizziness and pain tripped me like an angry god for standing up. I fell into the teenaged boy's shoulders.

The boy held onto my arms sternly and pushed me back, but he wouldn't let go until he saw my eyes flutter open again to prove my consciousness. He tried letting go, thinking I was alright, but I stumbled immediately. He flinched and wrapped his arms around me with urgency.

I told myself 'f♤ck those stupid greeting words' that were currently slipping out of my mind anyway and coughed. "I'm Y/n and yeah I'm okay," I giggled at the boy in orange who the much better looking one had just knocked out.

"Sasuke," the other said cooly.

"Excuse me, lady, you're talking to MY Sasuke," said a pink hair girl who appeared to have trailed behind him.

"Go kill ten guys and earn his interest then, bitch..." I mumbled. No one could hear it and don't get me wrong, I was always glad for that because I never said anything polite, but then came the triggering question I was constantly surrounded by. "What did you say?" The girl eyed me.

I refused to speak again for fear this high pitched girl was about to make life far more tiring than it already was, however, at that moment, I noticed a faint smirk on Sasuke's face. He heard. I panicked.

"Are you two dating? I'm sorry. You both seem lovely no offense." I spoke quickly. I slipped while backing away and banged my head on the ground.

"Sakura," Sasuke said turning to the girl. "Go the f♤ck away. I'm just making sure she's alright."


"Yes, I know you're good with this healing stuff, but check on peanut head here," he said, nudging Naruto with his foot. "Look, I'll ask for your help in a minute if she's badly hurt. I just want to talk to her."


"She's badass." Sasuke shrugged.

Sasuke dropped and leaned over me. I had flopped to my side like a half cooked pancake to witness them talking, but I think it aggrivated my sore arms. I didn't care. A kunoichi as strong as me would get over it in a few days.

Sakura bitterly tugged Naruto a few feet away to work on healing duties.

"Are you okay?" He sighed. His soft hand pet my side.

"Thank you," I said in respect, blushing, smiling, and staring like a kitty. "I am."

"Is it okay if I carry you?"

I didn't want to answer. Be carried and feel weak? Yes of course I wanted that but I couldn't just say that. The guilt of making him do it was terrible.

"Where would you take me?" I asked to change the subject.

"With me... um" He shied.

"With you where?"

"With me, with her over there, and with Naruto. Just. We travel a lot. Now that I think about this it sounds like I'm asking permission to kidnap you. Just ignore me." He flushed.

I wanted to squeal. I wanted to squeal badly but he seemed like the guy who would snap my neck for doing that. I stayed quiet.

"Whats the benefit to going with you? My village got f♤cked so I suppose I will if you don't mind..."

Sasuke motioned that it was okay for me to lean on him as we talked about the plan.

"The benefits? Well we have a Naruto and that detracts from the value of anything I could give, but..."

I looked into his eyes, trying to tell him he was cute not-aloud.

"What is it you want?" He smirked and pet my hair for getting so close to him while looking so cuddly.

"You... seem... cool... heh," I spurted, forgetting I was pretty banged up.

"What do you want, dummy," he repeated.

"Too hang out? Do you want that-" I said quickly. "No wait, you have Sakura, I'm sorry, I dont know what came over me. I'm sorry,"

Sasuke put his fonger under my chin. "Its okay, she doesn't own me. I'm a loner."

"It would be nice... hanging out with you, Y/n," he smirked. He offered his hand to help me up. I blushed but this time he could see it.

He blushed back. I thought he liked me and became overgushed. I tried to walk in hand in hand with him trippily, but I came back down, this time on his chest.

He tossed me over his shoulder and carried me without even a tease. My heart melted.

"I'll carry you until your last wound heals, Y/n."
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