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Tim has been having some trouble getting his plasma cube up, then one day out of the blue a girl named Star joins his journey. (btw idk but they're might be a second book).

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Chapter 1.

The story

The sunglasses fell down his beak, they clattered to the floor. Tim looked tiredly at an owl with pointy glasses, her beak snorted disappointedly. His purple eyes screamed in concentration, his shell swirled with unspeakable dull purples. Tim’s round navy colored head hung down, staring at the cold stone ground. The owl was much more defined, her caramel and white feathers were neat, yet even though an owl she had the piercing stare of an eagle. Her tufts on her head barely twitched, and her golden talons were sharp. “It’s about time you put back on your glasses, isn’t it?” the owl’s voice was cold, but had a warm flow in it. “I guess it would be, yet I was hoping to take a break, Secretary” Tim had a voice of a young twenty year old, yet had a playful bounce to it. Secretary shook her head, “we need to get your plasma cube up, don’t we?”. Tim frowned, it was true he was only a level C, “Well I guess I could use some more practice”. “Correct” Secretary’s icy blue eyes looked at a boulder, “pick it up”. Tim followed her gaze, “that?!”. “Well I don’t see anything else suitable around here, do you?” Secretary said. “How about the main building?” Tim smiled. “Well that certainly is an idiotic question” Secretary glanced at the stone building miles behind them, “now shall we continue?”. Tim turned back towards the boulder and furrowed his brow in focus, he pulled back on his sun glasses. The boulder shifted uneasily, almost as if it was trembling, a faint purplish light surrounded it. It moved one inch then two, then three, then it stopped. “Well it’s a start” Secretary said, “at least an inch more”. Secretary flew into the darkening sky, the brisk wind floated around her.

Tim kicked at the stone, which maybe wasn’t the best idea since it hurt. Tim slowly went under the stone archways, which were cracked with ivy, it led to a little dirt path with pebbles here and there.
As the dirt path ended it stopped in front of a tall big stone castle like building, ivy flowers grew in some spots. Ancient carvings danced on stone blocks, and sprouts grew around it like a wall. Tim seemed to look at it like home, because he dashed in opening the big wood door, and instantly knew to go to the right stars leading up.
Tim entered a blue door that led into a cream-colored room with a dull blue carpet, a small bed lay by the right side. The bed had a yellow sheet and yellow pillow, but had a big comfy blue blanket laying messily drooping on the side. A little white scarf wrapped around a teddy bear who was sitting on a dresser, the dresser was a dark brown with only three books. Next to the books was a round fish bowl with only a piece of coral in it, a goldfish swam in it. Other than that, the room was bare and empty. As Tim sat down on his bed he felt the silence ingulf him, you might as well have heard a pin drop.
“Oh ho, ho practice went the same didn’t it?” the goldfish gurgled. “Ha, ha How’d you know?” Tim frowned. “I’m goldfish Tim, we’re one of the smartest species on earth” the goldfish gurgled back, “not to include our amazing memory”. “Right” Tim turned his head to a window close to his bed. “Hey if you’re going to be mopey than go somewhere else, I might catch your mood! And everyone knows goldfish are very sensitive” the goldfish kept gurgling, “and why did you name me Goldy? Did you know that’s childish?”. “You’re not very good at cheering animals up, you know, that right?” Tim sighed. “Duh, Goldfish aren’t used for emotional support. They’re used to look at and listen to!” gurgled Goldy. Suddenly the blue door swung open revealing a small whale, he was white with three black dots on his back. “Ah Tim! Dinner, do you want dinner?” the whale asked, “it’s ok if you want to starve until tomorrow”. “Oh, here’s the partly optimist fat snowman” gurgled Goldy. “I always said that goldfish belonged in the garbage can” the whale frowned. “Sometimes I do too, and yes, I’ll take dinner” Tim replied, “Al”. Al nodded, “salad and salmon”. Then he flopped away, leaving a few water puddles behind. “It’s so abnormal how much water he produces to stay alive on land” Goldy gurgled. “I’m leaving to get dinner” Tim gladly walked out the door away from Goldy.
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