A Magic War

Alice Woodrow believes she's the right person to save the Kingdom from a stoned death. In her journey to Mount Guider she meets; the Princess and her knight Edd, Nature, Lily, and Jack an angel. As all their worlds begin to collide, they need to come closer together and fight this together. This is only the promotion for this story it will be fixed a bit, just let me know what you think chapter one!

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                        Once upon a time in a place far far away, lived a kingdom that was once filled with joy. That was before the witch came along demanding that the king give his daughter up to her. The witch so frustrated cursed the kingdom into stone leaving the princess and one of her knights to live alone for the rest of there lives. It had become a legend that there was one other person left but furthermore it was untold. The magic creatures that roamed this world had slowly taken over now having the ability to use their magic and be free for the rest of forever... Our story begins 19 years after...
                Alice Woodrow slowly approached a sign welcoming her to this kingdom, the path she had been following that was once grass slowly turned into stone with broken cracks letting out roaming plants. She let out a huff and stomped up even more before seeing a short girl with curly brown hair watching her like a hunter and it's prey.
"Who are you?" She shouted, her eyes seemed so sparkle but let out any remorse for Alice's life.
"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you or you're kind," Alice called back before getting a thorn close up to her face. "My... kind?"
"Fairies!" Alice said as the fairy finally dropped her weapon. "I am very unsure if I should really trust you laddy! If I was you, I'd keep my money where me mouth is." She spat back and then saw Alice say, "I'm sorry ma'am guessed my rotten brain got in the way again. I'm here for the sword of Mount Guider, to free the kingdom."
The girl laughed and said, "You wish! No one has tried since... Betty." Alice noticed a green tattoo spiral on her face.
"The fairy of kindness,"
"Yep,  I can tell she's missing." Alice laughed a bit. "The name's Nature, Fairy of well Nature!" She said with a soft grin, the first time she's smiled since Alice met her.
"You want some help? I'll help 'ya. But you'll need an army. I've got an army." Nature said pointing down the hill to the castle.
"An army? Really? I mean aren't you going a little too far in this journey?"         Nature stared at her and said, "There is nothing about going too far to save our worlds."  Alice felt her eyes shift to the castle thinking about what the princess would be like and if she would help them.
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