Living With The Pastas (Part One)

Living With The Pastas (Part One)

This was a request from a friend who wanted me to write this a long time ago... so yeah...don't judge too harshly.

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The Day It All Began

"No, no please no!" My cries came out in choked sobs. "I didn't mean to, please!" I cried, holding the cold, lifeless bodies close. I froze as the sound of sirens echoed outside. Flashing blue and red lights told me I couldn't stay here. "I have to go." Rushing to the window, I opened it and climbed out. Dashing through the backyard, I jumped over the fence and into the woods ahead. Taking one last look at the place I use to call home, I softly whispered a "Goodbye" before vanishing into the trees.

I was alone now. No place to call home, nobody to run to. One thing I was sure about was that I could never go back. Rain pore heavily on me as I desperately took refuge in a hole inside an old tree. Curling up into a ball, I softly cried. "What will I do now?" I asked myself. Before I could even mutter another word, the sound of footsteps made me hold my breath. Hiding myself deeper into the tree, I made our voices talking to one another.

"This is stupid! It's not fair that I have to go out when I already did last time!" A male voice complained.

"I already told you a bunch of times, Bosses orders." A second voice, also male, answered the first.

Fearing they would find me, I did the best that I could to stay hidden in the tree.

"This isn't so bad, besides, it's nice to get out every once in a while." A third voice, what sounded like it belonged to a young girl, chirpped happily. "Come on! We could-" It went silent. I was terrified to my very core. Please don't find me! I silently begged as I held my breath and kept still.

"What's wrong Lazari?" The first male asked.

"I don't know...but I can smell...human."

Smell human!? At this point I was now stiff with horror. The girl, Lazari, spoke again. This time closer. "It's a human, a girl." She was right in front of my hiding place. "I know you're there, come out." Shaking, I slowly appeared. In front of me was Lazari, a young girl that looked to be around 8 years old. Behind her stood the two males. One was wearing a white mask and the other had goggles and an odd metal face mask.

"Well what do ya know, it really is a girl."

"why are you in a tree?" The masked boy looked at me . I was still frozen with fear. Lazari looked at me and smiled, "Are you a tree fairy?"

I softly giggled at her question. "No, I'm not a fairy." Glancing back at the other two, I stood my ground. "I...I was hiding because I ran away from my home...well, what use to be home." I recalled the horrific events, then realized I was still covered in blood. I bet I looked like a madman on the run.

"You ran away?" Lazari gazed at me, her cherry red eyes burning with curiosity.

"I bet I know why." The masked man sighed. Walking closer to me, he held out his hand. "Come with us, we'll take you to a safe place."


We arrived at a large, nice looking house in the woods. Masky and Toby, I had soon learned their names, led me into the house. "It's so big." I admired my surroundings. Masky nodded, "It's not much, but I'm sure the Boss might let you stay."

"Boss?" I tilted my head in confusion. Lazari only smiled at me, "I'm sure you've heard of Mr. Slendy right?"

I froze, knowing exactly who she was talking about. "The slenderman..." I breathed the name. I knew the legends all too well, but I never expected them to be more than just that, just legends. But once I saw it, I realized that the legends were true.

(A/N: OH MY GOD THAT TOOK FOREVER TO   TYPE! But it's finally done! I hope you like it! And if this gets enough likes, I just might consider continuing it ^_^ Anyway, I hope you like it!)
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I love it 😁
on June 15