The Point Of No Return - A Horror Story

The Point Of No Return - A Horror Story

An eerie silence filled the air of the forest, where no moonlight, starlight, or sunlight had ever met. A horrified wail broke the horrible silence, it ended as abruptly as it had started . . . Evelayn, Jacob and Lune travel to a dark, haunted forest, after reports of a murder. They want to investigate it, as the curious teenagers that they are. But everything goes wrong . . . will they ever see the sun again?

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Chapter 1.
Chapter One ~ The Woods

Chapter One ~ The Woods

Evelayn sighed. School sucked! At least it was her last, and favourite period: P.E. Evelayn was a thin, attractive girl, her hair, which was smooth and soft, fell over her shoulders. It was a light black, stained purple towards the ends. Her two friends, Jacob and Lune, stood beside her.
“We’re lucky that we’re in the same class!” Jacob, seemingly the most talkative of the group, hissed aloud.
“Yeah. P.E would really suck otherwise, y’know?” Lune said.
Evelayn’s group was known as ‘The Nerds And Wanna-Be’s Unite.’
Most people at the high school thought that Evelayn, Jacob, and Lune were an odd bunch. They were all so different, yet friends.
Lune was the shy, arty student. She was attractive for her type: her skin was a pretty, bright tan, with light freckles littering her nose and cheeks. She had black-rimmed glasses, and luxurious, blonde hair.
Jacob was a jock. His skin was dark, and he had smooth black hair. He wore leather jackets, and red t-shirts. Most of the time, he wore track-pants, sweat-pants, or plain loose jeans.
“Come on,” Lune sounded worried, “what if we miss class? It’ll ruin the little reputation that we have around here.” Lune fiddled with her bangs lightly.
“Okay, okay.” Spoke Jacob, in his deep, irritated tone that he carried most often.
The three friends stumbled down the hall, swarming with teenagers. Lune sighed. The campus of the school was huge: it was a private school. Many complaints were issued from the school; kids liked to throw rocks at the solid exterior of the building, which was a marbled material, which was relevantly expensive.
Finally, they reached the gym. The girls: Lune, Evelayn and basically everyone else in that particular P.E class swarmed the small room that was the girls’ change room. Evelayn’s thin frame was outlined by her sleek gym outfit: jean shorts, and a thick-sleeved tank-top.
Lune was equally pretty with her tight black shorts, and defining, thin t-shirt.
The period started. They had to get a quick warm-up in, maybe a few laps around the huge gym, or stretches.
Jacob chose to do a few quick stretches, and then run around the gym; he was fast.

Later on in the evening, when the period was finished, Evelayn and her group stalked out of the gym, and waited for the end of the day. They chatted loudly, so one-another could be heard.
“I’m glad gym was easy today! I’m planning to walk home through the woods.” Said Jacob. The three lived in the same co-op, so they usually walked together.
“We’ll come!” Said Lune, voicing Evelayn’s thoughts perfectly.
The group wandered through the woods. They were cool, and a beautiful canopy of leaves hung above them. They were turning golden, as it was the beginning of fall. A winding path was cut through the forest, ferns and brambles hung around the path.
The woods were perfectly eerie at night, so they walked fast. The sunlight died out quickly this time of year.
Finally they neared the end of the forest. A loud, throaty growl sounded nearby. As if they were one, the three whisked around, horrified to find a wolf with gleaming eyes. It was huge and scary, it’s teeth were stained red.
Jacob stepped ahead of the two girls; it was no secret he had a crush on Lune. Jacob took out his pocket-knife, which he brought everywhere. He sprang forwards, the knife torn bravely out of it’s sheathe, and aimed with skilled practice at the wolf’s leg. He tore it back, a tendon snapping in it’s leg. It bellowed in pain, the same eerie wail that haunted Evelayn every night, in the nightmares that beckoned her out of her dreams. . .
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