7th Grade Tips!

7th Grade Tips!

Hi everyone! Since I'm going to 8th, and of course there are a few people going to 7th, I want to give my tips ❤❤❤

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Chapter 1.

Getting ready for your first few days!

So, summer swimming is mow over and the back to school commercials are back huh?
Well, the first few days are the most important. Here are 5 tips for this time!
💎 Make a good impression! Dress nicely and look good to show your new teachers that you're ready for a new year!
💎 Don't fret about projects just yet, they'll come soon. Just relax and focus and remembering your schedules and locker combinations!
💎 Smell nice! This is really a tip for the whole year, but summer is a time of..ewww... body odor... 7Th is the year of puberty starting, and you'll produce more sweet so it's good to stay smelling nice!
💎 Keep your schedule. Its a new year and we all have to get used to a new shcedule, so keep it in a binder where you can easily see it in case of an emergency.(forgetting)
💎 Don't be secluded. This is the time to make some new friends! Have a nice personality and help others. Soon, you'll have a lot of friends.
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