Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 15

Teh chAllaNGe GlitcheD 15

Rootitoot. ag root I toot tooty toot toot. Meep maap meep maap meep moo

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Chapter 1.

Elimation time

Joey: Welcome back here Blue screens. It's been a while.
June: It has.
Joey: Well.... who wants to see a magic trick.
Derp: Ooo... what iz it.
Joey: I will make a contestant disappear. But I need someone to help. Hmmm.. not Lucy or Alex.
Lucy: I guess that means I'm safe.
Alex: I would assume.
Joey: Hmmm... Raven and Derp. Not you either.
Raven: *sarcastically* whew...
Joey: June, you are safe.
June: Nice.
Joey: Now. Max and Gaupo. One of you too will go. Which I expected.
Gaupo: What did I do wrong.
Max: Everything.
Joey: I personally think this is wrong. But the final safe person is.... Max.
Gaupo: No!
June: Wait... you thought it was wrong. You actually like having Gaupo in???
Joey: I will never reveal!  But sorry Gaupo. But you gotta go.
Gaupo: Man...
joey: Now watch me make him disappear. *shoves Gaupo into boat of losers*
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