One Is Not Born Into Greatness

Transformers Prime fanfiction: When Arcee is sparked by 'Optimus' how will he react and the others? The life of living with a sparkling and some special dramatic and twists to it.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

/Arcee's POV/

We found Cliff'. But not the Cliff I once knew... He was mutated, butchered like something the 'Cons did in their experiments during the war. It made me sick as I nearly fainted but caught myself as the others looked at me concerned.

Bumblebee stepped forward towards me *Are you alright?* he buzzed

"I'm fine, just dizzy." I told him

I heard the three humans softly talking among themselves while Ratchet scanned me over. He paused as his optics flickered up at me as he found something but I looked away, once I did I felt the tingle of the scan going over me again as he hummed

"What is this?" He questioned looking at my servo as he snatched up a scalpel

"Don't know... Cliff was covered in it, leaking it."

He gently put my servo in his for a moment while he scrapped up the purple substance "Go take a decontamination bath. Now." He ordered

Bumblebee guided me away as I felt Ratchet's optics on me until he turned away to research.

Bumblebee left me to do my own thing as I heard Optimus giving the others their duties with the new humans. I stopped a moment, placing my servo on my stomach plates before softly sighing, washing up and walking out the group.

"Arcee," Optimus called "You'll accompany Jack."

I heaved a sigh "Still dizzy." I said a little dramatically.

"You're fine, says your physician." Ratchet said waving his servo, not looking up.

I sighed but drove the human home per instructions.

Once I drove into the garage he hopped off, walking infront of me "Arcee, I just wanted to say, I'm really sorry for your loss."

"What could you possibly know about loss?" I slightly scowled

"What? You think you're the only one with problems?" He argued

I transformed, kneeling down in the small garage "I'm not sure girl trouble counts." I snapped

The human simply scoffed "I'm pretty sure my girl trouble started the night I met you." He said folding his arms but unfolded them looking behind me.

I looked back seeing a white car pull up "'Cons!" I said pulling out my weapons

"No! Mom." He said flagging his arms down.

I transformed back into my motorcycle form listening to the two argue.

I thought to myself if this is what it would be like. Though he was a teenager... No one has had a sparkling in eons. Nor has one thought of having one since the war began. Just out of all the times. Why now?
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