Story For Halloween!

I wrote a story for Halloween, and it's only one chapter. :3 Sos, yeah. Happy Halloween!

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The First

“What do you think of the decor? In my opinion, it’s too flashy, but we can improve it!” Karen cheered, the uncomfortable positive ringing in her voice,
“Please. I know what I’m doing. You hurry up and fix your dress, Loran will be disappointed in the littlest mistake you make.” Eva groaned bluntly. Straightening up the silver streamers that hovered to the ground like a sterling stream. Dozing off, hypnotized by the once floating curly paper, Eva shook as she dropped from the ladder. Landing on the spine of the couch, she shrieked as she fell onto musty floor.
“Oww…” she murmured as Karen rushed to her frantically and got on all fours.
“Eva, can you get up?” she cried, rubbing her back. Feeling a dent in her back, Karen pulled her hand back to reveal blood everywhere. Stumbling to get up, Karen whimpered as she tripped, knocking the ladder off balance. As it fell, Eva looked up with widen eyes.
“EVA!” Karen shrieked as she glanced from her hand to her friend. Eva had taken a hammer to the forehead, bashing her skull in. Tears threatening to pour out faster than she could steady her quivering hands, Karen dashed for the phone, smearing the walls with crimson stains. Fumbling the phone, she dialed 911, sobbing heavily.
“Hello? My name is Karen and my friend Eva I were decorating a surprise party for my friend...and...and,” pausing, she took a minute to sniffle, then she snorted, sucking the mucus back into her nose where it belonged. Continuing, she stuttered. “And, she fell off the ladder when she was hanging up the streamers, and her back hit the spine of the couch. When I went to get the phone, the hammers and nails were still on the ladder step, and I knocked it off… No! I didn’t kill her, it was an accident. Okay...okay. Thank you. Goodbye.” Throwing the phone across the room, Karen peered at the mutilated body that lay in its own puddle of gore. Hearing the doorknob rattle, Karen paused. Loren came into the room, smiling. Hanging up her phone, Loren paused.
“Eww! What’s that smell? Karen? Eva? Are guys he--” As she made her way to the living room, she paused silently.
“S-Surprise!” Karen said cheerfully in the best way that she could. Loren screamed as Karen clapped a hand over her mouth.
“You can’t tell anyone. I didn’t kill her, I swear!” Loren ripped her bloody hand away from her face and spat as the vermilion blemish landed on her tongue.
“I-I’m calling the cops. You did this. You’re responsible. Eva is DEAD because of you. I’ll make sure to make your life as miserable as possible.” Karen turned away and headed into her room as Loren dropped to her knees beside her lifeless cold sister. Flinching as she touched Eva’s hand, she bawled, hacking all the while. Karen dragged a metal bat, groaning at the weight of it. Slamming it against Loren’s head, Loren was dazed for a second. Delivering the second blow, Eva repeated to hit the bat on Loren’s head.
“We can’t have you ruin my life and your birthday, am I right?” Karen squealed, tears dried up, yet eyes bloodshot from the wailing. A crooked grin devoured the space in her face, smiling from ear to ear. She frowned as she collapsed to all fours, holding her side. Crestfallen, she gazed at the maimed and mangled bodies.
“I caused this. I caused this. But it doesn’t mean I have to spoil the fun.” Being an overly positive (causing her personality to have creepy flair) Stepping into the kitchen, she gripped a nearby steak knife. Strolling back into the living room, she began to get to work.

After an hour of hard kitchen labor, Karen set the table quietly. Placing two disembodied heads on the table, she took her seat, digging into the cake.
“Happy birthday, Loren!” she said, gleefully as ever.
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on November 10, 2015
It rules
Thank ya! X3
on October 31, 2015
on October 31, 2015