Warrior Cats: What if Hollyleaf was discovered?

Warrior Cats: What if Hollyleaf was discovered?

In Sunrise, Leafpool managed to find a scrap of black fur on Ashfur's body. She hid it away so no one could discover the truth. But what if someone managed to find it, what if Firestar saw it? And this story is here to tell you what might happen!

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Chapter 1.
Mistakes made.

Mistakes made.

The scent of death hang heavy around the camp. Leafpool scanned the sharp edges of Ashfur’s unsheathed claws. Sometimes, scraps of a cat’s fur got caught of them. Than, Leafpool found what she was looking for, a shred of colour that didn’t match with Ashfur’s smokey gray pelt.

Instinctively, she called over to her father, “I’ve found something!”. Firestar was quickly on his paws and making his way over. Meanwhile, Leafpool looked more closely at the fur scrap, her eyes finally adjusting to see it properly. However when she did, it felt as if her heart stopped for a moment. Her decision to call Firestar instantly regretted. That unmistakable black, it was Hollyleaf’s…

Leafpool began to stretch out her front paw, in an effort to grab it before anyone else could see it but she was stopped dead in her tracks. “What did you find? Does it tell it tell us who the murderer is?”, Firestar asked, standing over her. Leafpool tried to talk but all that come out was a quiet moaning noise. Though, Leafpool didn’t need to say anything, he was already following her outstretched paw and his eyes quickly fell upon Ashfur’s claws.

He stared at it for a good long heartbeat before his eyes widened. “Is that? That fur couldn’t be Hol-”, Firestar was cut off, almost as speechless as Leafpool. She gave out of long lasting sigh in defeat.

Firestar paused and looked at Leafpool with serious eyes, “But how do we know this means Hollyleaf is the killer for sure? What’s stopping it from just being a bit of fur that happened to get caught on Ashfur by accinedent?”.

Leafpool shock her head, “Fur can’t just caught on claws by accident, the only time that can happen is when the cat has their claws unsheltered. Which only happens when they’re attacking or being attacked.”, disappointed that she couldn’t get herself to lie at that heartbeat. She had her head hang low, it was over. Hollyleaf’s secret was out and now the whole truth about Leafpool and Squirrelflight was at risk as well.

“I can’t believe it.” Firestar muttered to himself, struggling to accept, that his own kin would murder someone of their own clan. “I don’t understand. Wh-Why would she do this?”, Leafpool mewed in a low voice.

Surprisingly, Firestar heard her, “Well, We’ll just have to find out.”, slight anger in his tone. In a single bound, Firestar launched himself up onto Highledge and uttered the famous words, “May all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather round the Highledge for a Clan meeting.”. His voice echoed throughout the camp, loud and clear.
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