October, December, and Me

October, December, and Me

I’m the chief of Longten daughter with my dragons October and December. We’re fighting off a powerful threat. That has the ability to destroy mankind itself. With some ice and bit of death, we shall win this war. October, December, and me.

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

I watched as my family members rode their dragons. My father Papertine the chief of Longten with Zippleback. A fire elemented dragon with the ability to burst into flames. Zippleback’s slick red scales. White claws as long as a fully grown male. With the wingspan of a 3 story-high building. He was a gigantic dragon for the very powerful chief.
Then there's my mother Napsnapper. With her water elemented dragon Waterfall. She might be small but has the fiery rage of a wave and a strength of a hurricane. Waterfall’s silverish blue scales are a bit poked out, but not too much. Her black claws are as small as an eleven-year-old child. With a long tail with fish like tail endings. With large fish fins on her sides. It helps her swim thru the water at high speeds.
Also my oldest and only sister. Caitine with Cloud puff. Her air elemented dragon. Cloud puff has his white and grayish coat. His claws as big as Zippleback’s claws and his wingspan as large as Zippleback’s body. It creates a huge force of wind every time it takes off.
Then there’s me. Paigein with no dragon. My hair is short, brown, and naturally curls at the ends. My armor is made of rock dragon scales making it hard to hurt me. Since I don’t have a dragon yet.
I sat down and watched Papertine and Catine chase each other as a tracking skill. While Napsnapper was training Waterfall to jump high in the sky to knock flying dragons into the water. I sighed and slowly got up and walked with my head down. Will I get my dragon? I kept walking to the training grounds and saw the children with their dragons train.
I saw my best friend, cluetune, train with Tunny an earth elemented dragon. That has pokey scales and is all brown with yellowish brown eyes.
I walked away and went to the edge. The wind brushing past my hair. I breathed in the air and closed my eyes. I Imagine riding with my dragon and being the most powerful dragon tamer and my dragon able to kill any problem in the way.
I opened my eyes and turned around hearing my mother’s yell for dinner. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to get home.
I arrived at the oak house and entered. The smell of cooked chicken filled my nose.
“Aaah what a good smell!” I spoke jumping a bit.
I went and sat at the table and looked around. I saw my father and sister. They got their food and so did I. I started stuffing the chicken meat into my mouth and swallowed then took a swig of water.
“Someone was hungry” Catine teasing poked out.
“Have you ran a mile home at dinnertime?” I nearly yelled at her as she shook her head no.
I rolled my eyes and took my plate and put in the kitchen.
I walked up the stairs and went to my room. I got ready for bed and got my journal and started drawing a dragon with the wings of Cloud puff, the claws of Zippleback, the tail length of Waterfall, but the face of death. I shall name it Death Stripe. I put it down and laid on my bed and soon. Drifted to sleep.
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