"Late" A Dragon from the Dark Forest the home of the Monsters was the Gaurdian of the Human world but when the dark dragon named Drake had rised up against him. Defeated he had sent a piece of himself down to the mortal world in human form with a goal "Find the Godess of Light" with no memory of who he once was he sets out to find the goddess...

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Town of Hope

"Find the Goddess" A strange voice echoed through my mind over and over.
I simply followed where ever my instincts lead me.
A Town with bright pink leaves gently fluttered in the spring breeze.
"How beautiful" I trailed off.
"Thank you!" I hear a girl beside me.
"I-I meant the leaves" I replied with my face flushed red.
"Yeah, I know I mean thank you for complimenting our town" She smiled.
"Don't mention it, it's a beautiful town"
"My name is Faith, What's your's" She asked
"My name's Late..." I replied
"Late? That's a strange name!"
"Yeah it kinda is" I admitted.
"You must be tired, Do you have any place to stay?"
"Not really, I assume you have a place i mind" I said
"Just so happens I do!" She said before grabbing my arm, pulling me towards a house nearby with 2 floors.
As soon as we entered we were greeted by a lady a few years older than us.
"We've got a live one!" Faith said
"Faith? Have you been hiding out by the gate again?" She said with a sigh
"Does it matter? He's a guest and we need a room" Faith replied
"Except that we don't have any more rooms"

I remember something the goddess.
She was here in this town but who?
The Goddess always was reborn into a new life, Each life had a similar appearance to the past but each life had something unique about them.
The only thing I had to go on was my instincts.
After a minute of arguing they seemed to come to a conclusion.
"So how long will you be staying?" The Lady asked.
"I don't know, I'm actually searching for something and I can't leave until I find it"
"Great! It works out! Faith said happily
"Wait, what exactly did you guys agree too" I asked.
"You are able to rent out our old house, it's that big old one on the hill" She replied
"And how much will it cost me?" I asked concerned.
"Oh we'll work that out later" Faith said before pulling me out of the inn.
"Here we are!" She said opening the thick steel doors.
"And this is guaranteed out of my budget..." I muttered
"This use too be our old house, but now it's empty...our great grand parents use to be keepers" She said proudly.
"Yeah, so... how much will this cost me?" I ask
"Not a cent, as long as you become the town's temporary keeper"
"Wait! What? why me?!"
"Well you see my Great Grandfather was a Hybrid named Fox, he saved my Great Grandmother and became the town's newest keepers..and just by looking at you I knew you had what it took, So i made a deal with my sister to prove I was right"
"I guess I really have no say in this at all do I?"
"I'm Sure you'll be fine" She said confidently
"Oh I know just the guy to help you train!"
"Yeah you look sorta new to this fighting thing"
At this point I didn't even want to question her because every question lead to 5 extra ones...
I followed her out of the house built like a fortress.


"Fox, where have I heard that name?"
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