My Teddybear

My Teddybear

This is a Bakugiu x Reader made for Adlin there is nothing too sexual only kissing and perverted flirting

published on July 2421 reads 7 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The Date

It was a warm summer afternoon as you ran to the coffee shop. Again you are late for a date again, but this time it's the first date, with your classmate Katsuki Bakugou. He is the firey type, not really liking when people surpass him.
As you walk into the coffee shop you see Katsuki sitting alone with two coffees. As he sipped on his coffee you avoided eye contact knowing you'd get in shit for being late.
"Oi Y/N!" He shouted from across the room
You flinched hearing his sharp and loud voice as you turned "H-hey Bakugou!" you stuttered still avoiding eye contact
"Get your ass over here!" he called to you again
You walk over to your seat, you sit across from Katsuki staring into his sparkly blood-red eyes you accidentally zoned out
"OI! Drink your mocha before it gets cold idiot!" he said
You returned to earth "Sorry Bakugou" you said smiling you sipped your mocha, your favourite caramel, chocolate liquid happiness "My favourite..." you smiled
"Of course I know your favourite Y/N you wrote it down in your-"
"In my what Bakugou" You glared at him "You little snoop!" You then laughed
He hid a smile. You looked at him knowing that after 3 guys this was the one.
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