Mirror Mayhem! (an eddsworld fanfic)

It's just another day with the eddsworld gang. Until all 150 of Matt's mirrors go missing. Teaming up with people they never thought they would, It's up to Edd, Tom, and the brave and handsome... wait a minute... I never said that. Matt: That"s what you get for asking me to edit the description. Edd: He does have a point. Me: fine... just let me continue... It's up to Edd, Tom and Matt to go on a mission to find a whole bunch of mirrors. It's an EDDventure like never before.

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The EDDventure begins.....

Edd walked in to the room with a cola in his hand. Professor Why was on the TV. Edd's cat, Ringo, walked up and nuzzled against his feet.
"Hi Ringo," Edd said cheerfully. Ringo purred in reply. Tom and Matt walked into the room and sat on the couch.
" So, what are we doing today?" Tom asked.
" I don't know," Edd replied, " but I know it will be pretty swell."  Matt went to his room to get one of his mirrors. Suddenly, Edd and Tom heard a scream from Matt's room.
" My mirrors are missing." he said  with sadness, “ I will never be able to look at my beautiful self again.”
“ It looks like we’ll be going mirror shopping,” Tom said.
“ No,” Edd said, “ We will find who took Matt’s mirrors.”
“ Thanks,” Matt said. A new adventure begins thanks to Matt’s missing mirrors.
Edd and Tom enter Matt’s room to begin the search for clues. After a bit of looking around, Edd found fingerprints on Matt’s window.        
“ Guys, I think someone stole Matt’s Mirrors,” Edd said.
“ But who would do that?,” Matt asked.
Edd replied,“ Well the only person who would do that is an enemy. We don’t really have any enemies except for…”
“ Tord,” Tom interrupted.
“ Tom! Why do you hate Tord so much?”
“ Just because, Edd, just because.”
“ Besides that’s not who meant,” Edd said, “ Who I meant was … EDUARDO!!!”
“ Well, why do you hate Eduardo so much, Huh, Edd?” Tom asked.
“ Why are you asking me this? You gotta know by now why I hate Eduard… oh! I see what you did there.” Edd said in realization, “ Sorry for asking that… For the millionth time.”
“ Whatever,” Tom said, “  I guess we’re going to Eduardo’s house to find those missing mirrors. Welp, Let’s go.”  Edd grabbed Ringo,  put her in a backpack and  left to  Eduardo’s house.
        The gang had entered Eduardo’s house in search for the Diet Cola drinking man for questions, but couldn’t find him.
“ I guess that we could just look for the mirrors since he’s …” Edd said.
“ Edd!?!” a voice exclaimed.
“ … not here,” Edd continued in a unamused voice.
The Gang turned around to see Eduardo and his friends, Jon and Mark.
“ What are you doing in my house?’ Eduardo asked.
“ Well, what did you do with Matt’s mirrors?” Edd asked back.
“ Hey I asked first and  wait Matt’s mirrors? Why would I take your ginger friend’s crappy mirrors when I have better ones.”
“ Well… because that’s something you would do… wait so you didn’t take Matt’s mirrors”
“ Of course not, stupid head. Why you … ” Eduardo said as he was about to smash Edd with a mirror.
“ WAIT! Don’t hurt him, It’s not his fault that you do sucky things to him,”  Tom said.
“ Well I guess you didn’t take them, so that’s a Mirror-cle,”  Edd said. Tom and Matt facepalmed.
“ Never mind go ahead,” Tom said. Eduardo smashed the mirror on Edd.
" Hey!" Edd exclaimed,"did you have to do that?"
" Well let me put this a nice as possible... your jokes are lame" Tom replied.
" Tom stop being so rude!" edd said with frustration, " And my jokes aren't lame."
" Stop your bickering and help me find my mirrors," Matt said.
" Alright fine... I guess," Edd said.
"Yay! Let's go, go, go!," the ginger said with excitement.
" Um... if you want, I guess you can come with us. Maybe? A possibility," Tom said to the others waiting for something to happen, " Go and think about it. We'll be waiting outside. Okay?" Tom followed Edd and Matt outside of Eduardo's house, leaving only him, Jon, and Mark. For a minute or two, all that was heard were the constant meows of Ringo, longing for some room to roam. Edd finally decided to break the silence.
" Are we sure we want to let them come with us? I mean something could go wrong," he said with concern.
" What's the worst thing that could happen?" Tom said.
" Oh, I don't know. Maybe they could doublecross us steal all mirrors. Come on it's Eduardo!" Edd responded.
" It's just one time," Tom said, " Just act chummy with him now and then you can hate him all you want."
" Where did you get that idea from?" Edd asked.
" You when you want me to get along with Tord," Tom replied.
" Okay fine, but just this once," Edd said, unamused.  Meanwhile, Eduardo is trying to make clear of the distinct chatter between the others just outside of their door.  Suddenly Eduardo got an idea. An sinister smile crossed his face.
" Guys I have a plan," Eduardo said, " How about we do join up with those morons and find their precious mirrors, but  on top of that, we double cross them."
" What is double crossing and how will you do it?" sweet, innocent Jon said.
" You idiot! we trick them into thinking we're on their side!," Eduardo yelled. Jon flinched a little.
Now calmer, he said, " We'll then take the Ginger's mirrors and make it ours.”
" But I thought you didn't want the mirrors and that they're crappy," Jon said.
" Of course I want those mirrors," Eduardo snapped, " I want anything valuable that is in their hands."Jon was shaking in fear.
" Oh, um.. I'm sorry," He said with fear in his small, black eyes.
"So, are you sure we want to do this?" Mark asked. He then returned silent, as if he wasn't there.
" Of course, It's stupid Edd and his buddies," Eduardo replied, " It's what we do to them." At last, they had made their decision, and went outside.Edd turned his head to see Eduardo and his pals standing  right outside of the door. Eduardo took a couple of steps towards the gang.
" So, we have a deal?" The diet cola man asked, reaching out his hand.
" Uh, Sure," Edd replied, extending his hand for a shake. With a tight grip, a deal was made.
“So.. uh what now Edd?” Tom asked.
“Yeah,” Matt replied. He was looking very impatient and wanted to just find his mirrors. The others were just standing there waiting for a reply.
“ Well,” Edd said, “ We split up and go look for those mirrors”. Matt then took off runnig, with Edd and Tom catching up, leaving the rest on the front porch.
“ Where do we look?” Jon asked.
“In thier house…” Eduardo replied. “ for more clues”

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