Hey brother! Sup Sister!

Hey brother! Sup Sister!

please note this is not gravity falls related,Meet Jackylin and James, they are twin brother and sister, they are both tough and fights a lot, a Will their relationship end well?

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One short story

"I'm a horrible person" I said "no your not James!" My girlfriend said "I will tell you why I'm a terrible person"

I had a twin sister maned Jackylin, she was my only best friend in the world, she would always teach me how to cook, fight and be awesome, (we were 18 when this happened) we were so close I would never want to loose her, one day she just slammed a whole glob of dough and on the table and punched it hard, "When you punch this dough you will feel less angry and then the bread will be great!" She smiled, from then on I was punching dough and slamming it on the table. We both took karate lessons, until one day I saw this flyer...

"Jackylin! I both signed up for fighting club!" I smiled "that's dangerous James! And illegal!" She shouted, I was begging her to go with her, I forced her to go.

When we were their I was fighting so hard, until Jackylin was being punched at she cuddle into a ball and shouted 5 words all over again "I DONT WANT TO FIGHT!!!" She kept on shouting until they would stop, I  ran and saved her cause she was being choked, but then they punched me, she went and got a bat and hit the people her were punching me with it, a student ran and called the police, the police came and I was on the ground while she said "c'mon James lets go! Wake up!" I was on the ground from pain, I was in pain I couldn't get up, the police came and pulled Jackylin and put hand cuffs on her, also me, "please no officer! This is not what you think! Please! I need to finish school! JAMES HELP ME!!" They put her on the police car with her, we were both sent to jail, it was so hot that season and we didn't have water,

One day Jackylin was going to stand up...

She collapsed...

I turned my head

She wasn't getting up

"Please Jackylin! Don't leave me! PLEASE NO!!" I cried

"HELP!!! HELP MY SISTER!!! MY SISTER!!!" No one listen until one police officer came to check on us

"She's dead.... Sorry for your lost" the doctor said.....
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Comments (3)

Good story
on August 10, 2015
Sad and surprising isn't it?
on August 10, 2015
on August 10, 2015