Cyruss as a demon hunter in the new world of Dynasty is faced with deciding the fate of the world with every action he takes.

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Today felt strange from the moment I awoke.
This morning my partner Rose left on a mission without a word other than a note alongside a lunch she had made me and Ace had called me down to the HQ almost Immediately after I ate my breakfast.
I made my way down the main hall to the reception desk where this blonde girl sat.

"Hey! My name is Lara, I am Ace's new assistant and your new advisor I will be watching and guiding you on your missions. I look forward to working with you" She said with a polite smile. I didn't trust this Ace had never told me about a new advisor. "Oh you must be here to see Ace, right? Before you go your friend Jason had requested you meet him in the library. Where would you like to go first?"

Jason was another DNA specialist like me but his allegiance had lied with the bloodfury mercenaries so Ace had always kept a close eye on him. Jason himself was pretty carefree and worked either with Me, Rose, and My friend May or alone.
He had a partner but he rarely is seen with her.
"I'll see Jason." I told her.
"Alright here take this" She said handing me a tablet like device.

"This is called a ComPad, it is a device that connects you to the entire world. Unlike the public model you have access to certain files and applications that may prove useful in your assignments... Speaking of which if you wish to do some minor requests take a look at the list on the counter and I'll fill you in. That will be all" She said as she got back to work.

I followed the Map on the ComPad to the library.
I walked into the library where few hunters had gone, most seemed to think all it takes to kill a demon is to become stronger than what you're fighting but there are those monsters that no matter how strong you become they will always find ways to turn the tide of the battle in their favor. Drone demons seem like mindless beast but you have to remember that they were once a person like anyone else.

"Hey Cyruss!" Jason waved at me from the large table in the center of the room. "Glad you could make it."
Something was off here more so than anything else.
"Do you know why I've asked you to come down?" He asked but placed his hand over my mouth before I could reply. "Shh not you...YOU."
He emphasized, I scanned the library but no one else was in sight.

"I could understand your new to our world but let me just get this out... Don't do anything you may regret." He threatened nonchalantly as he took a sip from his soda can.
I was reluctant to speak out of confusion.
"You're the Champion, like it or not everything you do effects the world around you... Well I trust you." He drifted back lazily on his seat. "Now Ace is expecting you, but something tells me he wouldn't mind if you were a little late. Hell he might not even notice if you took a few hours to yourself...make some friends or something because believe me, it's a tough world out there and it WILL knock you down hard enough to keep you there but it's the people you surround yourself with who will be there when it happens...but neither they help or kick you is up to them so be careful... Me? I'm still on the fence."
Jason walked away with those last words leaving me even more confused than before.

"I need a drink..." I sighed as I stood up.
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