The nightmare kingdom Book 1: The Rise

I'm only going to do three books of this so I hope you enjoy. Okay you can go now description. Sorry my English sucks. ( This is not related to Fnaf. )

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Chapter 1.

The beginning of the Nightmare kingdom.

Once there was a place were everyone was different. Everyone was separated. And there was two kingdoms, the nightmares and the Dark kingdom. Once they was ruled everyone was happy... Until... They started a fight. They couldn't believed it. They always get together but... That fight... Changed everything... The nightmare kingdom don't any dark shadows to come to their kingdom. And they banned them forever.
They have this fight for years and years. They still didn't get along.

But a Prince was born. He was a nightmare. They called him Nightmare. He has black hair and red eyes. His had bear ears. He was the only child in the kingdom and he wasn't spoiled. He treat everyone with respect and help the poor. His father, Akumu, was kind of strict. He couldn't let him play with the other kids. He always stayed inside and train into a prince and try to train him how to fight . Nightmare didn't like his father. So one day when he was almost a teenager, He escape the castle and he adventured around the kingdom.

He looked around and he was amazed. Everything was amazing. And he saw a thing that he never saw before. He saw flowers. Its the first thing he sees. He want to buy it and put next to his desk. He make sure he had enough money and went to the merchant. "Excuse me ma'am..?" He said with a soft gentle voice. The lady looked down at him and smiles. "Why hello there sir. May I help you.?"

"Yes. I would like to buy..." He looks around to see the flowers. "Hmm..." He looked and looked. "There so many pretty flowers in here." He thought. He walks around and he saw a yellow golden like flower. "Ah..! I would like to buy a bouquet of yellow flowers please.?" He said. "Excellent choice sir." The lady said. "But these flowers only grow twice a year." "Ah... I see." Nightmare said. The lady gave him the bouquet of flowers and didn't charge him. "This one is on me." She said. "Oh. Thank you so much ma'am." Nightmare said with joy. He left and walked back to the castle.
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