The Point of no Return

The Point of no Return

[A rewrite of a story I made some time either in early 2018 or in 2017] To vaguely and briefly explain it, Jacob, Lune and I lead a normal life. But alas, all good things must come to an end. After the report of one of our siblings goes missing, we go into the forest, in search of her. To put it simply, it doesn’t go over well.

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Chapter One

I leaned against my locker, listening to music. My face didn’t show any emotion as I stared down at my phone, scrolling through messages nonchalantly. A shorter girl tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up, removing my earbud from my left ear.
“Sorry.. b-but uh..” she stuttered, seeing my unfriendly demeanour and blank expression.
I sighed. “I don’t bite, kid.”
She nodded slowly. “What class is history?”
“Aw, kid! That class is on the other side of the school!” I forced a look of sympathy. “You should be able to go straight for awhile. It’s beside art and computer design.”
She nodded. My expression went back to blank as she left.
“Evalyn!” A boy called from down the hall before I could put my earbud back in. I spotted my tall friend shouldering his way through a wave of people. I snickered lightly.
“I like feeling tall,” I said. “All of these damn Freshmans are midgets!”
He nodded enthusiastically. “Lune insisted on going to her class like five minutes early.”
I touched his shoulder. “Your girl is what we call a nerd, Jacob,” I said, adding too much emotion into my voice.
He chuckled. “Yeah.” He agreed.
“I saw the gym teacher earlier,” I said, “he’s between 50 and 500000000 years old. No cute girls for you to fap to.”
“I didn’t fap to Ms Erun!” He exclaimed, punching my arm lightly.
I snorted. “Yeah, right.”
He sighed, walking away. I followed him. We had the same class. I entered the girls change, slipping off my school uniform, replacing it with a sleeveless shirt and shorts. I met Jacob in the gym. It was huge; the surface area of the floor may as well almost be over half an acre. The gym wasn’t even big compared the rest of the school. Jacob was lucky enough to have gotten a scholarship to the school, but I had had to pay to get it, and do about 300 entrance tests. It was worth it, though.
The gym teacher was stretching infront of the mob of students.
“This is stupid!” I heard a girl exclaim behind me. I knew she was a Freshman. “We should be allowed to have our gym without dumb Seniors invading!”
I turned around swiftly around on my heel, glaring down at her. “Do you think us Seniors want to have to deal with you bratty-ass Freshmans?” I spat, using my greater hight to intimidate her. She was tiny.
“But Freshmans don’t know their way around!” She protested, but I noticed her proud posture and superior facial expression slip as my glare intested.
The gym teacher silenced us all with a high pitched noise. It reminded me of the noise my cat made when my little brother stepped on her tail. I winced, turning away from the nervous yet heated Freshman.
“Today we’ll be going outside.” He was saying, his voice painfully rough. He had a slight accent that I couldn’t even decipher becuase his words were slow, yet such a mumble that I could only barely understand him.
I raised my hand. He addressed me with a nod. “Sorry if this sounds rude,” I spoke clearly as if to one-up him, “but could you try to not mumble so much?” The tone I used was as blank as usual.
He sighed and nodded. “Okay.” He went back to addressing the whole group, “by the way, I am Mr Qastero.”
“Thats a dumb last name,” Jacob remarked under his breath to me. I grunted my agreement.
We moved outside into the huge yard.
“I thought the Seniors could demonstrate some things,” Mr Qastero was saying.
“First off: ball throw.”
I raised my hand excitedly. “I’ve had the best ball throw since I was still in middle school!” I exclaimed.
Mr Qastero nodded, throwing me a ball. I judged it silently, stiffening all the muscles in my arm. I felt everyones gaze on my back, but that only gave me the determination to perfect it.
“Go!” The teacher exclaimed.
I threw the ball as far as I could. Within fifteen seconds, it was almost at the ground. It finally landed.
I was disappointed. “I thought I could to better..” I murmured, but heard gasps of utter amazement from the others. The same Freshman from before snorted.
“I could do better than that arrogant, bitchy excuse for a Senior!” She spat to her friend. I didn’t care, though. My peers’ praise washed over me as I walked back to the group. Mr Qastero nodded at me.
“That was good,” he said sincerely.
The rest of the period went smoothly.
The bitchy Freshman got hit in the nose with a basketball and had to go to the nurse’s office.
I was the proud thrower of that ball.
I prepared to go home, chatting lightly with Lune and Jacob.
“We still on for movies instead of studying?” Lune asked.
I nodded.
“Yep,” Jacob said. “We gonna walk through the forest? My house is right by the exit.”
“You know it!” I said, jabbing him in the ribs.


We were walking on no particular path through a thick patch of woods, talking about the day and some stupid shit that we had heard during school.
“I heard a Freshman tell this one boy that he had bigger titties than any girl in the school, but the dude was a twig,” Jacob said when our conversing had died down for a brief moment.
“What?!” Lune laughed loudly, the pleasent noise echoing softly through the trees. I paused to reach into my backpack, wanting to take a picture of the surrounding scenery for my photography blog that I had started about three years ago. I leant against a fir tree, scanning the area with half closed eyes. I then remembered a thing that I had wanted to photograph in the past, but had never found the time.
Turning sharply on my heel, I walked through the trees to a lakeside. The banks were clear of junk and, honestly, quite beautiful. Fallen leaves that were crisp shades of red and orange fluttered down to touch the water, sending small ripples cascading over the smooth surface of the silver lake.
The day was so still that I could hear the gentle buzzing of people talking and music playing loudly over speakers in a small town that stood facing the town that I live in. I hummed gently to a tune I knew that played faintly, probably further into the large town. I positioned the camera and took a quick picture of the gorgeous scenery, but as I lifted the camera to my face to inspect the image, a small shape that lurked at the waters edge in the photograph made my heart sink into my stomach.

[AN: Hello! Sorry this chapter took me so long to get out, I forgot about it for awhile and it originally had a lot of spelling mistakes that I wanted to fix, so uh-
The next chapter will be out soon!]
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Comments (3)

The summary sounds like the beginning of slender man
on January 07
This is actually good. The way you describe the scenery vividly. And the bitchy Freshman humor is 😪👌.
ive been trying to improve my writing, and i completely forgot about this story’s existence for awhile, but im excited to get into the more exciting stuff and less character-developmenty stuff
on January 07
on January 07