Snow's Girl Code. *Girls Only!*

Snow's Girl Code. *Girls Only!*

If you guys didn't know, I'm a girl. So, me being a girl, I do girl things. Well, duh. So, if you need advice or maybe you just wanna, I don't know, read this, than go ahead. BUT NO BOYS! Only girls, thanks. ;)

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The Painful Period.

Every girl gets a period. It's not a secret. But it sucks. Not gonna lie.
Every girl has different period experiences. For me, it's the most painful thing I have ever gone through.
Let's start with my first period:

Friday, March 6, 2015.
Since it was Friday, it was pizza and movie night at my house. I was just eating, and this is about to get weird, I felt something in my stomach. I've always been a kinda constipated person (no hate, plez) so I assumed it was the number 2. I took some milk of magnesia, to, ya know, clean meh system out.
The next morning, my stomach was STILL hurting. I ignored it, and went on with my day. It was about 3 o'clock when something just didn't feel right. My entire body seemed to ache. I went to the bathroom, because I'm a camel and didn't go until then. I look in my underwear, and my heart drops right into the toilet. There was (Sorry for the gory details. If you think this is gross, leave. I'm trying to help some other people and perhaps prepare them for womanhood) blood EVERYWHERE. I wiped, blood. Wiped again, blood. Luckily, I had been preparing for this for two years. I had a bucket under the sink filled with womanly products. Sadly, I didn't have any pads. Just liners and tampons. So, I put on a liner (Not putting a tampon in for my first period.)
I called my stepmom and told her to please buy some pads, and that they might need to be the maxi pads because, let's be real, there was a lot of blood. She came home, I changed into a pad, and life was good. Until...

I've always had sensitive skin. You know how babies get diaper rash? Well, I kinda had that. But I did change my pads A LOT. Way more frequently than necessary. But I was getting some stupid rash. It burned, like fire raising up from Hell just to burn my lady bits. I told my stepmom, and she gave me every bottle of diaper rash cream we had. But nothing worked.
My stepmom's best friend is our neighbor. She's a nice person. Bree tells my neighbor EVERYTHING. So, Bree told her about this. Turns out, Hannah (the neighbor) has the same problem. She brought over some medicine, and life was good.

So, the point of this is to let girls know who are just going through their period and might be experiencing some difficulties, tell an adult. A trusted woman who knows her way around womanhood. You never know. The person living 20 feet from you might be able to save you from misery, pain, and suffering.
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