My experience as alter

My experience as alter

This is based on a true story about my experience as a alter and all about my personality and my relationships with the people in the external world and the internal world

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Chapter 1.
About my interests and personality

About my interests and personality

I have no idea what my role is in my dissociative system I’m not tough enough to be a protector I have a low pain tolerance I hate blood the sight of blood makes me blackout I’m a age slider I age from 13 to 14 but I’m very positive I always try to look on the brighter side of things me and Savannah are quite the opposite I like cute things I like to dress up like anime characters and do my makeup like a anime character yes you can call me a weaboo I’m obsessed with anime I love rwby I don’t know if that’s a anime or not but I like it I love animation shows and anime and mangas I like soul eater and black rocket shooter and I like fullmetal alchemist  and I hate horror movies

I’m quite shy but once I get to meet you I will never be silent

I’m quite hyperactive I’m always full of energy running ahead of people it’s impossible for me to sit still I wouldn’t stay in one spot in less I had my legs broken
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