My Newest Creepypasta Character

My Newest Creepypasta Character

This is just a character fourm of her. Please don't judge too harshly, I really did try my best. I just hope you all like it

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My Character

My Character

Name: Glitch (As given to her by Slender)

Age: Appears as a 17-18 year old girl

Gender: Female (obviously)

Height: 5'2"

Weight: Don't ever ask if you want to live

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: brown (red when mad)

Type: Glitch (hence the name)

Theme: Glitch by Alfons

Bio: (A report from The Creator, the one who created Glitch)
Glitch doesn't really have a backstory, but there is a past and how she came to be. She's a computer glitch that can take a human form, and her creator paid the price for her creation. It's the reason why she has a human like form, because she possessed her creators body and the two are now one, making Glitch who she appears as today. She was found by slender in the woods during winter. After running from her old home, she fled to the woods only to have a glitch-out as she did when she was created. Passing out in the process, Slender decided to take her in, and calling her by the name she goes by now: Glitch.
That is what is known about her so far, but there will be more reviled soon. At least we hope.
This is The Creator signing off for now.
~~~~~End of Report~~~~~
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Comments (2)

I like the way this is going.
The idea is pretty cool.
You think so? I just created my character the night before. All I need is to make a good story and post it on the creepypasta website and let it spread to become known, or at least put the story somewhere and let it get out.
on February 20
on February 20