I Can See You (Lapidot Human AU)

I Can See You (Lapidot Human AU)

Lapis has the ability to see ghosts. Unfortunately, her (now dead) girlfriend, Peridot, is a ghost. (Human AU 'cause humans are great)

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I Can See You

(I don't know much about being able to see ghosts, so bear with me here. Sorry if it sucks.)

Lapis shuffled her foot out the door, pulling her hood over her head and putting in her earbuds, turning the volume on her phone up. The music blasted into her ears and she kept walking down the street, the contents in her backpack making quiet thudding noises.
She walked in silence. A few more minutes until she would get to her school.
And then it will take my mind off-  Lapis thought, her breath hitching when a certain song started playing on her phone.
I just can't escape,
t's like you're here with me now
But the words you say,
They always seem to fade out
Since you've been away,
I'm just a face in the crowd
Some day, some day,
I know you're coming back down
It was Coming Back Down by Hollywood Undead.
Tears quickly came to Lapis' eyes and she fumbled around trying to find her phone with her now shaking hands. Tears spilled down her cheeks as bad memories came rushing back as the song played into her ears.
Peridot was Lapis' girlfriend for nearly two years. They loved each other more than anything. Lapis' didn't know what she would do if she lost her.
Guess she spoke too soon.
Three months ago, it was a normal day. Peridot said goodbye to Lapis, got in her car, and drove to her job. She worked at a local GameStop.
Lapis was peacefully at home. It was a weekend. She was about to fall asleep, before her phone rang.
She had picked it up. "Hello?"
"Hello, is this Lapis Lazuli?"
Lapis raised an eyebrow. "Yes, it is."
"Yes. Well, we have unfortunate news. Peridot has gotten into a car accident. We don't know if she will live. I would suggest coming over immediately."
Lapis' heart stopped, as her eyes went wide and she dropped her phone.  She sat silent for half a second before she bolted out the door, tears threatening to spill.
Her feet pounded against the pavement as she ran to the hospital. The only one in town.  She ran through the doors, out of breath.
She went up to the lady at the desk.
"I-I'm here to see P-Peridot. And I need to see her immediately." Lapis demaned. The lady nodded and took her to a room.
Lapis looked at Peridot, a terrified gasp escaping her mouth. A tear slipped down her cheek.
Peridot was hooked up to several machines, the beeps filling Lapis' ears. Her hair was singed and her leg looked like it had been twisted completely around. She barely looked like she was breathing.
Tears spilled down Lapis' cheek as several quiet whispers of "no" came out of her mouth. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up, seeing the doctor standing behind her, a pained expression on his face.
"I'm sorry." He said. Lapis sniffed.
"Is there any chance that she might live?" Lapis asked, struggling to keep any hope.
The doctor shook his head. "Even if she does, she won't be able to do anything. Her skull was fractured badly during the crash, damaging her brain."
Lapis' head dropped into her hands and she crumpled to the floor, sobbing.
Lapis stayed in the room, sitting next to Peridot's bed, a dead expression on her face.
Peridot's lines went flat two hours later.
Lapis turned the song off. It reminds her of that day, and Peridot.
Lapis ran until she reached the school.

When Lapis got home, she threw her backpack on the ouch, feeling numb. After this morning, she's felt emotionless and dead the rest of the day.  She sighed, decided she should take a walk.
She walked down the street, leaves crunching beneath her feet.
She eventually came across the cemetary. She rushed past it.
Lapis can see and hear ghosts. And she didn't need any of that today.
She kept walking, eventually stopping at a corner.
She sat down on the curb, drawing little shapes in the dirt. She stopped and gasped when she felt something cold touch her shoulder.
She looked up and her heart skipped a beat.
She stood up, and the figure that she presumed was Peridot disappeared. She looked around and saw the figure standing halfway down the street, next to a pole that had a cross and several green flowers at the ground next to it. (Even thought Peridot died in the hospital, let's just do this anyway :p)
She felt her heart twist and she ran over.
It was Peridot. This is where she crashed.
Tears spilled down Lapis cheek and Peridot reached her hand out and touched Lapis' cheek, the area turning icy cold. Lapis let out a choked sob.
"Do't cry Lapis, it makes me sad." Peridot's quiet voice spoke, then was carried away by the wind.
"B-But Peridot.." Lapis choked. This was heartbreaking for her.
"Shh." Peridot cooed. "It's okay. You can move on. You'll eventually see me again. Then you'll be happy. Don't hold onto the past Lapis. Okay? WIll you do that for me?"
Lapis nodded and put her hand on her own cheek, feeling the cold of Peridot's icy, formless hand. "O-okay. I will."
Peridot smiled. "Good. I love you Lapis."
And with that, Peridot's figure disappeared.
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