herb the dog

herb the dog

this is the story of a dog who commits tax fraud. also he kills his wife.

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herb commits murder

one day, a dog family was on the way to the beach. the dad dog, herb, was driving the car, a large, paper map unfurled in his lap. “do u rlly know where ur going?” the mom asked
”yes bitch get off my ass goddamn” herb pulled his doglock: glock for dogs out of his pocket and clocked her.
“dad what the hell” daughter dog asked but herb did not care. he just wanted to go to the beach.
son dog began to cry. mom dog had forgotten the first rule of being in the car: always stay strapped, and that was what had cost her her life.
herb cried for a little bit. the bastard who shot his wife had gotten away before he could enact vengeance on him. he would find them. there was no way in hell that asshole was getting away with this.
mad herb pulled into their beach house’s driveway he looked for a place to dump his wife but then remembered he was at the beach and there was an ocean. “kid dogs help me throw your mom out”
”ok dad dog”
”thanks kids we can have ice cream for dinner you guys are so good at listening”
”aw yeah i love ice cream”
”me too kids, now don’t drop her otherwise we’ll have to pick her up again”
the dog family threw mom dog into the ocean and mom dog was no more. the family went into the house and turned on the tv. herbs face was in the news. he was wanted for murder of his wife. HE was the bastard who had shot her?!?!!????? no! herb would have to hide.....from himself?!
”kids you need to stay away i’m dangerous”
”no dad”
the dog cops knocked down his door “herb ur under arrest for tax fraud”
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