Riley is a normal girl; she feels happiness and pain. She goes through what every teenage girl goes through. But when everything seems to be too much, what will she do?

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Chapter 1: Feeling... Love?

Chapter 1: Feeling... Love?

Every night it's the same thing. Well, almost. It's mostly always about him. He haunts every corner of my entire mind.
Tonight, it's different. We're in an open meadow. The flowers sway in the breeze. The sun glares down on us. He stands, my dream guy. Butterflies flutter around my stomach, turning me into knots.
He leans forward, and so do I. And bam.
The alarm clock blares an ear piercing screech. I groan and look at my phone. No texts. What did I expect? He doesn't feel that way about me.
I pull myself out of the bed, grudgingly, and start the motions of getting ready.
I pull on a blue sweatshirt, jeans, and my boots. I brush my hair, trying to look for a way to make my hair not look so... blah. Up, down, braided, but nothing. Why am I doing this? I get that feeling in my stomach again. It's because of him.
I just leave it down, brushed and boring. I bound down the steps and hunt for breakfast. Nothing but a banana, mustard, and Coke. I settle for the banana, since nothing else is remotely appetizing.
I grab my bag and sling it over my shoulder. I head out into the misty rain. It soothes me, relieving some of the anxiety bubbling in my core, threatening to spew. I try and relax myself but it's no use.
My phone buzzes in my back pocket. I grab it so quick it almost goes flying out of my incapable hands. I turn it on only to be disappointed beyond belief. Why do I feel this way? Who knows.
It's my best friend, Kailey. She says, hi.
I turn off my phone, not even responding because I'm so let down. I continue walking all the way to school.

Science class drones on. Kailey taps her eraser on the lab table to the point when I am about to snap her pencil in half. My phone vibrates. I look around, confused. I peek at it under the table. It's from him. From Dallas.
Oh wow, I think to myself. I type quickly, Dallas, no texting in class.
He responds fast. Whatever.
My stomach sinks. I said the wrong thing. I rest my head on my arm while my heart pounds against my chest.
I try not to worry too much about it, but I can't help it. My life seems to be so consumed with him that it's going to be so painful when he tells me he doesn't like me. I know he doesn't. He's dating someone already. He's dating Kaylen.
The bell rings and I feel relief. I shove my pencil and binder in my bag and pull it up on my shoulder.
"Who were you texting?" Kailey asks. She misses nothing.
"It was just Dallas." She doesn't know that I like him yet. I don't want her to know or anyone. Even if she is my best friend.
Dallas appears beside me. I flinch, and when he looks at me funny, my cheeks get hot. I look at the ground as I'm walking, trying to calm my racing heart.
We leave the science building into the main hall. I walk to social studies. Kailey sits beside me, and two other girls who are kind of my friends sit in front of us. Dallas' group of desks is right beside ours. It's Dallas, Jaden (whom I despise), Lucas, and Cade. From where I sit, I'm facing Dallas.
Five minutes until lunch. Oh, those five minutes take forever. Finally, she calls lunch. I rush out of my seat, but too fast. I trip over Kailey's bag and fall. I land on the ground with a thud. A few people laugh. I push myself up, my face burning red. I rush out of the room, feeling so embarrassed. I put my face in my hands and shake my head.
Kailey rushes out of the room, tears streaking down her face. I grab her arms.
"What's wrong?" Panic is clear in my voice.
"Oh, like you don't know!" Her voice is gargled.
"I really don't!" I say, trying to make her look at me.
"Go talk about it to Dallas or someone who gives a crap," she says, pushing away from me and dashing for the bathroom. I stand, mouth-open, racking my brain for answers.
Dallas comes out of the room, smirking. I shoot him a look.
"Next time you won't tell me what to do in class," he says, walking by me. I close my eyes and a tear slips down my cheek.
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awsome is this like true?
Based off of my life, kinda.
on July 30, 2015
on June 10, 2015