Drifted, rand0m thoughts. Not poetry.

These are basically incomplete posts that I would've put on my wall if they weren't too stupid. Enjoy your viewing of my brain : ))

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Chapter 1.


I have been genuinely curious about the reactions I'd get if I walked up to people. Then, I introduce myself with my qfeast bio.

"'Im 14 and I'm a guy. Good talk, eh?
Came to spread memes and destruction.
Netherlands. Woot woot.
Call me Thottie it's short for Thomas ; ))
Jk. Don't.
I'm more of a Virgo. And I like the name Virgee? Yab. Anyone can call me Virgee if they want."

I actually wrote and erased this, which was going to be a part of my bio. I didn't want my thing to be too long, but I still like this line. It's edgy for me.

"Hi, I'm highly unf ckable. But that hasn't stopped life from screwing me daily and making me cry in bed."

I have crushes and stfu about it. They're on qfeast so it will never work out.

I feel so stressed to be honest. In real life. I didn't put any thought into what I wanted to be when I grew up and now there's four more years until I'm expected to move out. I'm trying everything at once to see what I like. That sounded simple and great a while ago. But now, even though I still have time to eat and sleep and qfeast, my day feels packed. I can't breath with all the places I go everyday. I practise dance at home and I want to find some competitions. Also, I take calls from my mom's customers as she teaches me about the business world. I tried applying to learn what it takes to be a surgeon. I never got feedback on my essay : (
I'm doing tour guides for this art museum that was letting teens volunteer because I thought "this is going to look really good on me in the future." I'm studying harder than ever so I can say I had one year of perfect grades. I'm offering english/math tutoring along with Bjorn, another girl at my school. I joined culture club. Thank jesus that's once a month.

In a way I'm not mad at myself for doing all this at once. I'm anxious to see if it helps when I'm an adult.

Kinks: Perfectly cracked eggs, bully/victim roleplay, comfort, warm, comfort. Talking about things I don't understand like I do understand because I feel like you think I'm part of something and that makes me happy. Black duck tape bracelets, assortments of really colorful fuzzy blankets. Half of these are boring lmao... Also for some reason whenever Regen says "You're damn right I am", I get a little excited

Have you ever wondered why I use so many text faces? Find out next time. The answer may shock you.
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I hope you find a career that’s fits you :3: continue this pls
Thank you. Everything is actually going pretty well. You too : )
on September 13
on September 13