Hyrule High

Hyrule High

Welcome to Hyrule High, home of the Loftwings. In our elusive, upper-class private school, we pride ourselves on raising up the finest students and future world-changers. We look forward to your time here with us!

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Chapter 1.


First period was starting and Jynx Moonblood was late. It was Art, though, and he could probably claim that he'd gotten lost or something. If you really thought about it, though, it was really his older sister's fault. She'd spent too long in the bathroom that morning and wouldn't let him use her car, but that was beside the point. He was now standing directly in front of the art door, procrastinating whether or not to go in there. A student opened the door, saying, "About time!" He just smiled at her, sitting down next to a short girl with long, copper-brown hair and dark turquoise eyes who could only be identified as his on-again-off-again friend, River Whiterose. He waved at her and looked forward, his eyes meeting with another girl's bright blue ones. His small smile broke into a wide grin. It was his best friend, Bree.

"Grape!" She clapped, her shoulder-length hair getting in her face as she talked.
"Hey, shorty." He high-fived her. River rolled her eyes at them.
Just as Jynx was about to say something to her, the art room door swung open and a tall girl with light ginger hair and pale green skin walked in. River's draw dropped and Jynx reached over, pushing it back up. She slapped the whiteboard with a ruler, circling the word 'ART' with a black Expo marker. "Welcome to art class! Since Ms. Bourgeois has decided not to show up today, I'll be subbing. Any questions?"
More than half the class raised their hands.
"Okay, well, this'll be interesting. My name is Ms. Screech." 2 hands went down. "I'm the cheerleading coach." 3 hands went down. "The hair is real. You can touch it if you want." 5 hands went down and 2 students stood up. "What do you want to know?"
"What's your favorite food?"
"Can I have your cheekbones?"
"Are you single?"
She responded smoothly, all in one sentence. "Noodles, no, and none of your business."

Jynx raised his hand and she hesitated before calling on him. "Ms. Screech, can you teach us art now?"
Miki was a horrible artist.
"Well, actually, I was hoping we could play a game to get to know each other...!" Miki smiled.
"A game? Like what?" River called out, finally remembering how to talk.
"The name game!" Everyone groaned. This was going to be a long first period.
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