Listen your worries away

Listen your worries away

a zombie appocolipse love story *no its not one of those falling in love with a zombie thing* Emma a 17 year old has survived 3 months into a zombie appocolipse with her best friend Eathen , but what happens when she has a strange feeling along with a strange dream? Is it real? Or is it a nightmare?

published on May 31, 201412 reads 8 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.
Intro to Emma

Intro to Emma

Hey I'm Emma yurp I'm the chick in the pic.
age: 16
My life has turned around since this whole THING came out. An idiot thought he could make a vaccine that could stop you from getting ANY sickness, but it backfired into everyone turning human-hungry. I've been calling them zombies ,but they don't care about brains they want YOU. My parents ditched my siblings, and I to survive on their own. My two (and only) sisters were eaten alive Wile my dear older brother  tried to kill me out of madness, but I pushed him off of a building into a swarm of zombies.(don't worry I said hi after) I've survived 3 months so far and have been running out of food, money ,and weapons.
*beware she does curse for the people who are innocent*
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