The challenge Make Believe #11

The challenge Make Believe #11

Wow, numboor 11. I like 11, 11 is a great number. Only 4 more than 7, the best number

published on November 19, 201820 reads 5 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.

The challenge

Ryan: Ok, are you guys ready to see which challenge is voted to be done.
Miki: No, not really.
Ryan: I don't care. It's time for wipe out.
Kiri: What... but I found this eye patch for the pirate challenge. Come on.
Ryan: You'll be running through this obstacle course. Fastest time to the end wins. If you fall off, or wipe out. You get 10 seconds added to your time.
BlueFirey: That seems kind of simple. Doesn't it.
Ryan: kind of... you haven...
Angel: Simple. Like how easily your emotions can control you. Cause you to kill yourself and be happy. While others be upset while you think no one cares.
Miki: Wow. Deep, dark, and no one cares.
Angel: *kicks Miki*
Ryan: Now go
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Comments (1)

Wipe out, the one I hoped didn't win :/

K, now leaving again
on November 19, 2018