Love , Lilly

Love , Lilly

Lillie ,a teenage girl had Feelings for Vamsh,her Classmate and neighbour. She even wrote few Letters for him which she never dared to give him. Story has a twist when he likes her BFF , Veronica.

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Chapter 1.
The  investigation

The investigation

"Hello,This is Inspector Edward. Ask Ambulance to come here, near Florina park, Hibiscus valley. .Okay. Suicide case. Please ask them to rush. Meanwhile I will find out this girl's parents. Luckily she has an ID card with her phone no. OVER."

Inspector thinking..
*I wonder why these stupid teenagers do these things...hmm Lillie K . Her Father's name is K. Adam an Architect..hmm and mom a Lecturer in a College (physics) ... Hmm she is from a well educated family. But why so foolish. Ooh a bag..let's check..a diary?that's odd ..why will someone carry a diary in a park . Maybe a clue *

Inspector started reading the diary..--------

January 1st

A pleasant day... Not so Good  nor too bad

January 2nd

Had a fight with Isha..but she has apologised

..the diary was blank and from August 14th it was filled

August 14

It was a normal day untill a guy with Emerald green eyes.. Chocolate brown Hair and with a sweet smile ,Ran towards our room. When he was smiling he  just looks like Jackie, my bro,who has left this earth in a young age..
When he walked past me,I felt Butterflies ... And fragrance ..probably he uses deodorant... He looks too good and even has a great heart. I asked him to Show his watch and he did . He even talks Politely. He has a great sense of humour. He has a cute smile and he is intelligent too. He is very quick.
I think I fell in love in love with him...i am imagining my future..i in my wedding gown and he wearing a suit with a red tie coming towards me and kissing me.

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