Worlds United

Cyruss Jake and Cost are 3 Different Heroes from 3 different worlds but when a MadMan named Titan appears the 3 are sent on a Quest thru different universes to Find the Only thing that could stop him the 7 elemental crystals. They will meet new companions to help them. (Writer's note: This is gonna get WEIRD it will have Spoilers for my stories, and oh dear lord why am I writing this train wreck?)

published on November 25, 201510 reads 3 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


(Cyruss POV)

I am drifting in darkness
it was empty, cold, where am I?
how did I get here? My memories of how I came to be in this situation are broken down into shards that I have trouble putting's like reading a book where most of the words were missing.
I remember these monsters appearing out of the hole in the sky.
I was scouting the wall, and I ran in to fight but the rest is a Blur.

A light had iteruppted my thoughts
"Come Cyruss you're story isn't finished yet" said the voice
"Who are you?" I asked there was no resonse but a big flash that had shined brighter untill I was out cold.

"Is he alive?" I heard a voice
"I don't know he's breathing but I don't seem to be feeling a heartbeat" another person said
I opened my eyes above me were two boys
"Oh you're awake" The Blonde one said
"Where am I? who are you?" I asked them
"Well I'm glad you're alive" he said
"Awnser my question blondie" I told him
"Well I guess I can see why you couldn't fine a heartbeat" he said to the black haired boy in leather armor.
"I'm Jake and this is Cost, we just woke up a few minutes ago so we don't know where we are" The Black haired boy explained.

"all right let me explained" a Boy with a clear white face mask and a black suit approached us "My name's Crest I am the writer of your stories...I guess you can say I'm 'God'"
"No, just no" I said plainly
"Really? why not?" he complained
"just no okay"
"Fine" he pouted
"In any case, I'm not much for intros so let me give you the quick version" He said summoning a little black book "A man named 'Titan' has stolen my story book and I need you to kick his ass and recover my book otherwise you're worlds are doomed and I have no more hobby"
Me and the other guys stared at him in confusion.
"Right so you will be sent to several worlds to recover these crystal thingys so you could get the power to enter the void for the final battle, any questions"

we all raise up our hands "No? good! now I'm going to send you to the first world, you'll need to find someone there take a guess 'he's square and he's yellow and he lives in a pineapple' I hope you like being under water"
He said with a devilish smile before opening a portal like vacume
"Wait!" we all shouted
"Have fun" he said

(Crest POV)
Oh what have I just set into motion
Oh well Can't stop now
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