A Family Secret.

A Family Secret.

Kaylee wants an organized life, and she will not tolerate messes. She lives an ordinary, practical life. Her parents are well respected lawyers, and they make good money. They live in the suburbs, where nothing could ever go wrong. Kaylee thinks she has everything figured out, but she discovers something dark about her family's past.

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Chapter 1.

A Birthday.

Birthdays are a very important thing in my family. My entire family has the best birthdays, and mine are always the best! I know exactly what I want for my parties, so I make sure my parents know that it should look the exact way I want it.
Jana, my younger sister, sits beside me on the couch.
"What are you watching?" She says, curiously. She is always curious, as most five-year-olds are.
"I'm watching a show." I say, and stand up. "I have to go get ready. Ask Mom to call Jaycee, please." I walk up the stairs to get dressed. My cell phone rings on my desk.
"Hello?" I answer.
"Hey." Jaycee replies.
"Isn't my mom calling you?" I ask, looking through my closet.
"Yes, and she told me to call you because she's busy." Jaycee says, and I can tell she's doing something on the other end of the line.
"Huh. Well, I need you to come over, ASAP." I say yanking a dress off of the hanger. I hang up and start getting dressed. My dress is bright red, and looks good with my black hair. I sit at my vanity, brushing through my hair. I hear a tap on my window.
"Hey, let me in!" Jaycee shouts. I open the window and she climbs in.
"Why do you insist on using the window?" I ask.
"Because I like to climb that tree." She points to the old tree whose branches are right up near my window. My throat starts burning a little bit, but I ignore it.
I look at Jaycee, who looks pretty. Her green eyes are bright, her blonde hair framing her face, her tan skin. Sadly, I am none of that. My eyes have always been weird; they're brown but more red. My hair is flat black, and it does nothing but sit, straight as a board. My skin is pale. And I feel ugly next to Jaycee.
We have been friends since birth. Our parents were always friends. I'm 1 month older than her, and I was at the hospital when she was born. It wasn't like my mom took me there; I had to stay because I had trouble at birth. I wasn't born right. They said my organs weren't normal. My organs were more developed than any baby that hospital had ever seen; I also wouldn't drink my mom's milk. They had to pump food through a tube that went into my nose.
Jaycee hands me a beautifully wrapped gift. It's red and white with a black bow on top, my favorite colors.
"Girls, it's time! Your friends are here!" My mom calls from downstairs. I hear people shuffling around, and it sounds really loud, like they're stomping or something.
"Why is everyone so loud?" I ask Jaycee.
"What do you mean?" She looks confused.
"Don't you hear their loud footsteps?" I ask. She shakes her head. We walk down the stairs. My friends sit on the couch, bouncing with happiness. I catch a whiff of something strong and sweet. It fills the entire room and makes my mouth water. My throat burns, and I bite my lip.
"Hi, Kaylee!" My friend Marcia says, walking up to give me a hug. She wraps her arms around me and I hug her tight. She smells like that sweet smell, but slightly different.
"Can't. Breathe." She gasps. I let go.
"Sorry." I say. "Hey, are you wearing perfume? You smell nice."
"No." She looks puzzled. Another one of my friends, Lauren, comes up to me.
"Hi." She smiles. One by one, my friends say hi. 5 of my friends are here; Lauren, Jaycee, Marcia, Anna, and Lea.
"Girls, cake time!" My mom says from the dining room. We all file in and take our seats. The dining room in decorated in red and black. The streamers combine together, the table cloth is adorned in red and black spots, and the cake even has my favorite colors on it. Everyone sings "Happy Birthday."
"Hey, Kay, how's it feel to be 13?" Jaycee giggles. My mom cuts the cake and gives everyone equal slices. My dad walks in and puts his hand on my shoulder.
"My little doll is growing up." He fake-sniffles. His hair is the same color as mine; it's nicely gelled back. His eyes are like mine, but even more red. Sometimes, they are black. It always makes me curious, and when I ask, he says I wouldn't understand yet.
The presents I receive are nice. Jaycee made a scrapbook of us through the years. I actually cry as I look through all of our pictures. All of the times I was at her house and had chocolate on my face; you would be surprised at how many there are. Us riding on bikes, climbing hills, sleepovers, everything. I cry so much that Jaycee hugs me tight. Marcia got me a gift card to my favorite restaurant, a local steak place. Lauren gave me a bracelet. Anna gave me nail polish, and Lea gave me makeup. The last present is from my parents. It's in a small, red box.
"Open it later." My dad whispers in my ear.

Jaycee and I sit in the living room in our pajamas. She is spending the night.
I hear her munching on popcorn, rather loudly.
"I don't mean to be rude, but can you stop chewing so loud?" I snap.
"I'm not being that loud." She complains back. I roll my eyes. My throat burns even more, so much that I have to get up. I walk over to the kitchen and make myself a glass of water. I gulp it down but my body feels empty. It does nothing for my throat, so I just go and sit down.
We watch a stupid movie about clowns, and Jaycee falls asleep, wrapped in her blanket. She shivers as she sleeps, but it doesn't feel cold to me. It just feels normal. I try and go to sleep, but I feel wide awake. I feel like I don't even have to blink. I find myself going minutes without blinking but my eyes never feel dry.
I continue watching TV, while Jaycee snores loudly. I hear her heart beating, her blood pulsing. I feel so thirsty and my throat burns so bad, that I almost scream.
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