There are resurrected ones walking by us. No one knows who they are. Now, a group of scientists want them-they are trying to find the secret to immortal life... Note: I'm not done yet.

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Chapter 1.

Who We Are

I'm about to tell you one of the biggest secrets the world has forgotten.
People-ordinary citizens-have been resurrected.
Those people want a second chance in life.
Those people want to see their family and friend again.
But, often, those people are too late to see them.
Resurrections are not rare-your best friend may actually be from the 1960s.
They are a part of nature-even animals are resurrected.
The resurrections are not from some random lab where a mad scientist used electricity or any of those bogus items.
They come from under you.
Or above you.
If you believe that after you die, you go underground, or up into the skies, that is where you go.
Everyone believes something else.
Everybody visions the afterlife differently.
Nobody knows what it really looks like.
But wherever you go, the same thing happens.
You get a chance to come back to Earth.
Of course, you can't come immediately.
And once you are resurrected, and you die, you can't resurrect again. That's corrupting the practice.
Many people don't understand this.
This is where the scientists come in.
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